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Vision Group launches Uganda at 50 project

By Vision Reporter

Added 26th December 2011 07:10 AM

VISION Group has launched a project to build national momentum towards the celebration of 50 years of independence.

By Raymond Baguma

VISION Group has launched the Uganda Jubilee project in which all Ugandans will be involved in activities to build national momentum towards the celebration of 50 years of independence.

The year-long project is launched this Saturday in all Vision Group’s newspapers, radios, TVs and on the digital platform to promote national unity and pride ahead of October 9th 2012.

The Chief Executive Officer Robert Kabushenga said, “We are taking this initiative because with our country-wide reach and many platforms, we are very well placed to take the lead with the public, in celebrating 50 years of independence. We shall have a series of monthly media activities for all our platforms to focus and get Ugandans to reflect on what the country should be like.”

The monthly activities have been packaged in innovative broadcast, print and digital media products; and will include people’s views on the Uganda we want in 2062. The themes will cover nationality, the country’s heritage, national unity, sports, education, patriotism, the economy, national resources, agriculture, industry, infrastructure, health, environment, politics and democracy.

Highlights of the celebrations will include a birthday party for Ugandans born on October 9th 1962. Ugandan attained independence on October 9th 1962 ending an era during which it was under British colonial rule.

The Editor-in-Chief Barbara Kaija said the Ugandan-ness project will focus on different themes every month and in January the theme is Real Uganda with a forum for interaction with the media audiences to share their views about Uganda. She added that interaction for January will center on issues that are distinctly Ugandan.

David Mukholi, the Managing Editor, Editorial Policy said, “As a leading media house it is our responsibility and duty to take leadership of Uganda’s Golden Jubilee celebrations.”

A SMS platform has been created in which readers can share their views by writing the keyword “JUBILEE,” leave a space then TYPE THE MESSAGE and send to 8338. Also, the public can share its views by emailing to the address:



Vision Group launches Uganda at 50 project

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