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International volunteer day 2019

Thursday 5th December Kampala International University

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ADRA opens up the eyes of the Karimojong...

The program is made possible with the funding from DANIDA through ADRA Denmark with the main focus on advocacy of many key social issues

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Absa ready for possibilities

It is poised to further unlock Uganda’s potential and support the country’s accelerated growth with its new business strategy

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Agricultural value chains for export to Chinese...

As a flagship beneficiary, Uganda has been chosen to host the 10th anniversary of the FAO-China South – South Co-operation Programme and Triangular Cooperation....

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New farming methods increase household income...

Celebrating 10 years of Uganda-China South-South Co-operation

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Global-woods supports sustainable farming...

The farmer engagement process commences with an individual needs analysis, followed by the provision of technical advisory as well as access to improved...

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Gender-based violence shattering dreams

Many times, victims of GBV fear to speak out because of cultural limitations.

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Reproductive health: Uganda must do more...

Uganda still faces challenges in delivering an integrated package of sexual and reproductive health and rights, including supporting young people on the...

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Teamwork, family helped me win

Our mission is to be part of the world’s top breeders under one distinctive brand aimed at blending traditional techniques and emerging technologies.


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How to safeguard your home while...

During this season, a number of people travel to their villages to join their family members in one big Christmas party and new year celebration.