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Theological training good for church leaders...


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Progress of oil palm farming in Kalangala...

Progress on the partnership between oil palm smallholder farmers, BIDCO – Oil Palm Uganda Limited and Government of Uganda in Kalangala

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Makerere University Mastercard Scholarships...


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Does your lover know your phone password?...

If you are a Muganda Muslim female, you are most likely to have a password on your phone. Your husband doesn’t know it and doesn’t believe in sharing passwords....

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The life and times of Bamwoze

"On October 9, 1979, at All Saints Church Iganga, I told the congregation which included the current President of Uganda, that I was a development maniac....

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Notice from Arua Municipality

Arua Municipality, which has experienced population explosion in the last ten years now has over 61,951 people settled and conducting businesses in a 10...

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Tarehe Sita

Congratulatory message

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Five years of GEMS CIK

Our world-wide network of 300,000 students allows learners to interact in a collaborative global learning environment with other GEMS schools, through...

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World cancer day

World Cancer Day is an international day marked on February 4th of every year to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention,


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'Golden handshake' for DR Congo's...

Ministers in the outgoing government of now ex-president Joseph Kabila awarded themselves "golden-handshake" benefits in two decrees which were passed on November 24, that safeguarded lifetime cash payments.