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Ssangalyambogo welcomed into Manchester United...

Ssangalyambogo revealed her official membership number which is 4928387.

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COSAFA U20: Hippos crush out on penalties...

Mujahid Ogama missed Uganda’s sixth penalty, prompting wild celebrations from Lesotho who went through to the final.

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UPDF to take charge of crowd control on Boxing...

Clerk of the course Shafik Matovu said the track distance has increased from the usual 1.2km to 1.7kms, giving fans more viewing space.

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Balondemu eyes East Africa title

“I only want to finish the rally and emerge the east Africa champion in my category,” Balondemu said.

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Munguryek: A tennis rising star at Lugogo...

The League set up emphasizes at least each team to have two female players as a means of uplifting women in the rather male dominated game.

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Its the Hazard-Coutinho show

A fascinating encounter is on the cards

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Nakiwala is offside at Wankulukuku

Express was filled with optimism when she took the reins

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No tears for Italy as they miss Russia

For Italy, the clouds have been gathering for some time, but few paid attention, least of all, themselves

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NCS muddles in boxing matters

NCS seems not to have been at grips with UBF’s constitution

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Vipers' project has surely taken off

There’s a growing middle class that is ardently following Vipers which is why corporates have picked interest in the club


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Could Besigye be the Moses who...

It now looks like Besigye, even though he has done a lot to expand the democratic space, his own chances of going to Entebbe State House are receding as new players emerge.

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