Wednesday,March 20,2019 20:02 PM

Sports Opinions

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Cranes’ team selection under scrutiny

In this era when we are supposed to be promoting local football, isn’t it disrespectful not to reward good performance?

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What went wrong for the Kobs?

On Friday, they succumbed to a curious tale of two halves, where they delivered their worst first-half performance of the season going into the break with...

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Teryet finally taking shape

Like they say, better late than never. The project is finally steadily progressing

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Owor is right to take up the Africa rugby...

It was always a public secret that the controversial outgoing president Abdelaziz Bougja had handpicked Owor to deputise new President Khaled Babbou.

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Onyango could have scaled greater heights...

It’s good that Sundowns have kept faith in Onyango. But that, of course, has also not been by accident. Onyango is good.

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Don’t close your eyes. The gruelling race...

We have a league worth the attention and support of fans, sponsors and media alike

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This is our strongest entry ever

Will it be surprising if Cheptegei and Kiplimo make it to the podium?

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Regional teams have changed the face of football...

The StarTimes Uganda Premier League finally looks like a real national league which has drawn in all the regions

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Rafael Nadal opens tennis academy in Mexican...

The new academy, located in the town of Costa Mujeres, is an extension outside Spain of the Rafa Nadal Academy that the tennis player has in his native...

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Kiplimo offers a lot of sports lessons

Don’t be surprised if he makes even more history next month


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Safety at 'core' of Boeing, says...

"Safety is at the core of who we are at Boeing, and ensuring safe and reliable travel on our airplanes is an enduring value and our absolute commitment to everyone," Muilenburg said.