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Mourinho faces Klopp test

For Liverpool, lightning has struck twice in the big games with the loss of fire spitting Sadio Mane to injury

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Sports Hall of Fame is long overdue

So, as we reflect on the 55 years, isn’t it time we thought about establishing a Hall of Fame

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Chelsea threaten Man City's dominance

City could not have asked for a better time to take on Chelsea who beat them

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Investors like Mulindwa deserve better

It would be interesting to know what measures FUFA has taken on the match officials

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This is what makes Tooro tick

The manner in which Rugumayo outwitted Otile underlines the depth of Tooro’s talent

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Nakiwala should smell the coffee or get burnt...

Under her management, Express has completely lost form and structure

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City await red hot Liverpool

City are one of the two teams among the Premier League giants who Liverpool love to play against

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Liverpool plunge Arsenal into crisis

Liverpool were quintessential. Faultless at the back, excellent in midfield, unplayable upfront. Hungry. Very hungry.

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Chelsea recover in time

Chelsea had fought gallantly with 10 men against Burnley

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Can Qatar host the World Championship?

London will be remembered for the departure of athletics’ biggest star- Usain Bolt.


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Felix Kaweesi's 'lover' held hostage...

The SOS was reportedly sent by Muhoza who Kasingye described as the “so-called Kaweesi girlfriend”.