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Jinja SS claims maiden league title​

The pressure was inevitable but then Jinja SS managed to fight to a vital three wickets victory against Tornado Bee on Saturday

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T20: KICC ends Charity's unbeaten run

KICC set 125 in 20 overs

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Tornado Bee endures tough week

The shocking defeat came in the absence of Abdallah Lubega and Fred Achelam, who traveled to Rwanda with a Uganda select side to compete in the Cricket...

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Young cricketers raring for glory in Rwanda...

The event is part of the activations that lead up to the grand opening of the multi-billion Gahanga Cricket Stadium in Rwanda which is set to become the...

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Aziz Damani takes cricket trophy

On Sunday, despite losing to Tornado Bee by 7 wickets at Lugogo oval, Ghulam Hunzai and Co had already sealed off the league.

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Aziz Damani close in on league title

Leaders Damani won and closest challengers Tornado Bee lost with two games to go

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Uganda falls to Zimbabwe to end qualification...

Gertrude Chandiru posted a team high 26 runs off 31 balls

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Chandiru shines as Uganda beats Kenya

Kenya 58 Uganda 59/4 (Uganda wins by six wickets)


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South Africa minister advises on...

According to UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics, women account for less than 30% of the world’s researchers

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