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Special Report: How Moi built and broke Kenya...

His body will be buried on Wednesday in his home area of Kabarak, 220 kilometers (135 miles) northwest of Nairobi.

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#TodayInUGHistory - NRA fighters attack Kabamba...

42 fighters with only 27 guns stormed Kabamba Barracks with an aim.

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Coronavirus: How we got stuck in Wuhan

Although the pandemic has affected thousands and claimed the lives of 362 people, I am still safe and in good health.

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Today In History: 300 evicted from game reserve...

Eighteen years ago today over 300 people were evicted from a game reserve by Uganda Wildlife Authority. These illegal settlers had a request.

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Oil, gas sector gets refined 

In April 2018, Uganda entered into a Project Framework Agreement (PFA) with the Albertine Graben Refinery Consortium (AGRC) as the Lead Investor to develop...

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Uganda eyes first oil barrel

Regarding efforts to increase usage of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from the current 0.8% to 20% at the household level, Muloni said the pre-feasibility...

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Kampala empties trash into Victoria

Ggaba is part of Murchison Bay where Kampala’s water is extracted but it is also the same place where wastewater, including sewage, is emptied into Lake...

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Twin cubs born on Christmas at Entebbe 

The gender of the cubs has not yet been established by the caregivers and vets because the mother does nnot allow any intrusion.

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Inside the turbulent world of a rally car...

Don’t be fooled by the driver, it is his or her co-driver - the navigator - that controls the rally car.

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Refugees using human waste as fuel

Briquettes made out of human waste take up to 8hours to burn out making it easy to cook compared to firewood,” narrates Roda Selwa, a youth, and member...


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Coronavirus: Unusual protective...

Face masks are worn as a precautionary measure against the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19.