Government ranks top profit-making State enterprises

Jun 13, 2024

The Ministry of Finance figures show that the Central Bank posted sh222.75b after taxation. 

Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija arrives at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds ahead of the national budget reading. Photo by Miriam Namutebi

Apollo Mubiru
Journalist @New Vision

Bank of Uganda topped Public Corporations and State Enterprises in posting profits after taxation in the 2022/23 financial year.

The Ministry of Finance figures show that the Central Bank posted sh222.75b after taxation. 

However, some Enterprises incurred operated in negatives as per the table below.

1 Bank of Uganda sh222.75b
2 Electricity Regulatory Authority sh0.193b
3 Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda sh0.440b
4 National Enterprises Corporation sh17.484b
5 National Drug Authority sh1.291b
6 National Water and Sewerage Corporation sh 62.942b
7 Uganda Civil Aviation Authority sh0.399b
8 Uganda Communications Commission sh28.053b
9 Uganda Development Corporation sh0.656b
10 Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation 2.348b
11 Uganda Railways Corporation sh32.799b
12 Uganda Wildlife Authority sh53.186b
13 Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Ctre sh0.933b
14 Deposit Protection Fund Uganda sh253.12b
15 Kiira Motors Corporation Ltd sh12.942b
16 Mandela Stadium Limited sh2.302sh
17 The Micro Finance Support Centre Ltd sh5.593b
18 Post Bank Uganda Ltd sh11.23b
19 Pride Micro Finance Ltd sh1.054b
20 Uganda Posts Ltd sh0.397b
21 Uganda Broadcasting Corporation Ltd sh13.348b
22 Uganda Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd sh3.139b
23 Uganda Electricity Generation Co. Ltd sh50.551b
24 Uganda Electricity Transmission Co. Ltd sh2.422b
25 Uganda National Airlines Company sh331.48b
26 Uganda National Oil Company sh4.66b
27 Uganda Property Holdings Ltd sh2.001b
28 Kilembe Mines Limited sh2.392b
29 New Vision Printing and Publishing Co. Ltd sh5.06b
30 National Housing and Co. Ltd sh2.606b
31 Housing Finance Bank sh65.057b
32 Uganda Air Cargo Limited sh10.49b
33 Uganda Development Bank sh38 38b.

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