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Save Lake Victoria

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Who allowed tycoons to build in Lake Victoria?...

Not only are the tycoons destroying the most critical lakeshore wetlands but they are also building barricades in the lake.

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Will cage farming raise fish stocks?

According to Aga Ssekalala, lake cage fish farming is the way to go if the dwindling fish in Lake Victoria is to be saved.

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Lake Victoria: Beauty in hands of a beast...

Boniface Byamukama, a tour operator says the lake is one of the eye-catching beauties that would attract an unlimited number of tourists.

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Only strict laws could  salvage Lake Victoria ...

The fishermen have resorted to illegal fishing methods, while industrialists are releasing industrial waste into the lake. All these have had dire consequences...

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Sh9b funding to save lake lands on toothless...

During the budget speech, finance minister, Maria Kiwanuka announced an sh9.2b allocation to strengthen the fisheries department, particularly to enforce...

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Lake Victoria heavily polluted by deadly...

Water samples collected from three separate locations around the lake show it contains high levels of lead, arsenic, aluminum, and phosphorus, which are...

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Lake Victoria: beauty in the hands of a beast...

In the Save Lake Victoria campaign, we look at how the lake can be used for activities that could bring in more tourists.

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Will cage farming raise fish stocks?

In the second year of our campaign to save Lake Victoria, we focus on cage fish farming as a way of restocking the lake.

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Fish species face extinction

Save Lake Victoria campaign: Today, we focus on the fish species at the risk of extinction from Lake Victoria.

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Cancelling wetland land titles

Today, we find out whether or not the new government directive will finally lead to cancellation of land titles for wetlands.


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Coronavirus threatens nearly 20...

The AU study published Monday said the African Union Commission "should lead negotiations of an ambitious plan for the cancellation of total African external debt", valued at $236 billion.