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Save Lake Victoria

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Lake Victoria: beauty in the hands of a beast...

In the Save Lake Victoria campaign, we look at how the lake can be used for activities that could bring in more tourists.

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Will cage farming raise fish stocks?

In the second year of our campaign to save Lake Victoria, we focus on cage fish farming as a way of restocking the lake.

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Fish species face extinction

Save Lake Victoria campaign: Today, we focus on the fish species at the risk of extinction from Lake Victoria.

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Cancelling wetland land titles

Today, we find out whether or not the new government directive will finally lead to cancellation of land titles for wetlands.

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Cancelling wetland land titles: Will gov't...

The Government recently announced sweeping interventions to save wetlands

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Fighting invasive water weeds cost Egypt...

The Nile, they say, is the lifeblood of Egypt. It would therefore, be difficult to imagine what life would be in Egypt without the Nile river.

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Tax bodies could curb illegal fishing

In our Save Lake Victoria campaign, today, let''s explore how illegal fishing gear has affected the fish industry in Uganda.

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Let us stand up for Lake Victoria

It is the second year of the Lake Victoria campaign. Today, we look at the damage being done to Lake Victoria in pictures

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Kiyindi women add value to ‘mukene’

The women at Kiyindi landing site in Buikwe are adding value to silver fish to reduce reliance on other fish species.

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Will Nile Perch mark 70 years in L. Victoria?...

In the second year of our campaign to save Lake Victoria, let's look at the threats to the survival of the Nile Perch.


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Kaggwa's umbrella folds

The human rights activists is said to have collapsed from his car at Mulago round about while on his way to work.