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Mar 11, 2024

Mary Kluth

Rebecca Kyobutungi
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#SharetheLight Gospel Events

Brian and Mary Kluth founders of, a USA Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) have been making lives better and brighter forever by spreading the gospel in word and deed. They and their Uganda team have literally been lighting up the lives of thousands of Ugandans and making them better through the new Gospel events across Uganda.

The Kluths and their team want to see faith groups and their donors use the #SharetheLight events to spread the gospel and provide the finest products and solutions to help fight poverty, sickness, suffering, and hunger. Over the past five years, has researched and discovered the world’s best poverty-fighting solar lamps, water filters, low-smoke cookstoves, and food security solutions. So far, the NGO has worked with faith groups to serve 100,000 people in Uganda. The team’s dream is to have more faith-based groups do their own #SharetheLight Gospel events across Uganda and other countries, so that the lives of 1 million families can be made better and brighter forever.

“We want to empower faith groups and their donors use the #SharetheLight events to spread the gospel and provide the best products and solutions to help fight poverty, sickness, suffering, and hunger,” said Rev. Agaba Moses, Healthy Charity Country Director

Gospel handout

Gospel handout

In February, there were thirteen #SharetheLight Gospel events that taught thousands of people about the dangers of dirty smoke (kerosene lamps, candles, and smoky cooking) and dirty water. Attendees were then shown the best products and solutions to help them stop sickness, suffering, hunger, and financial difficulties. The gospel message was clearly shared as Kluth showed how kerosene lamps, dirty water, and 3-stone cooking represents a dark, dirty, and dim life without God. He then explained how the solar lamp, water filter, and low-smoke cookstove represents the new life God can give people so they can live a better and brighter life forever. People were given the opportunity to pray. In many places, one third of the people prayed to receive Jesus Christ for the first time or rededicated themselves to the LORD. Every family attending the event received the gift of a free solar lamp to light their homes. The solar lamp gift helps people to better understand the free gift of eternal life and the need to daily recharge to shine brightly for Christ.  They also got an opportunity to pre-order solar, water, and cookstove products at discounted prices at the event or online at   These products will curb sickness in families, resulting in clean home environments. They will also help families reduce weekly household weekly expenses by up to 80% for water, cooking, and light.    

During a recent event in Lugazi, Joan Twinamasiko, a single mother of three, shared how these products reduced her expenses on charcoal and candles from sh24,500 to sh7,000 per week. She also said her children no longer get sick. She shared how she was taught Farming God’s Way methods and her family now has enough food to eat and share with others. In Kabale, a family that got a low-smoke wood cookstove reduced the time needed to collect wood from 20 hours per week to four hours per week, and they no longer suffer from breathing in smoke.

Joan Twinamasiko shared, “I reduced my expenditure on charcoal from sh21,000 to sh7,000 per week. I no longer spend sh3,500 on candles nor boil water anymore.”

At the events, Kluth demonstrated how the world’s best solar lamp, a SunKing Pico Plus works. He threw the lamp up in the air, let it crash on the ground and stepped on it to show how strong and durable it is. He shared how the lamp is five times brighter than candles or kerosene lamps, and that it lasts five years or more. The Purifaaya and Smart Home water filters were demonstrated to show how they can purify contaminated water so it does not have to be boiled.  Kluth talked about the BURN low-smoke cookstoves, showing pictures of families that now use 80% less of wood or charcoal. received donations to provide these solar lamp gifts to the 3,000 families who attended the gospel events. The economic impact of every $10 (sh38,000) solar lamp donation can result in up to $100 (sh380,000) per year in light and medical savings and increased income for a family. Over five years, the solar lamp can benefit a family by $500 (sh1.9m). Those that order water filters and low-smoke cookstoves can improve their finances by $200 (sh800,000) or more per year and by $1,000 (sh3.8m) over five years.

“Every donation of $10 (sh38,000) provides a family with a free solar lamp gift that can have up to a 50-fold $500 (sh1.9m) impact on the family’s finances over five years,” says Caleb Asiimwe, Healthy Charity Board Member

Brian Kluth uses the gift of a solar lamp for event attendees to teach about God’s free gift of eternal life.

Brian Kluth uses the gift of a solar lamp for event attendees to teach about God’s free gift of eternal life.

The #SharetheLight events truly do spread the gospel in word and deed. These events also help people spiritually, practically, financially, and environmentally. Brian and Mary Kluth will continue to pray and serve other faith groups and their donors who contact them through the website, empowering them to customize their own #SharetheLight gospel events to help make the lives of those they serve better and brighter forever.  Ordering information for the low-smoke cookstoves, solar lamps, water filters, and Farming God’s Way training can be found at

Click this link to watch the 1-minute YouTube video from 4 #SharetheLight Gospel Events:

Kabale women now using 80% less wood after getting a BURN low-smoke wood cookstove.

Family with their water filter, low-smoke cookstove,

Family with their water filter, low-smoke cookstove,


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