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🔊 PODCAST | Dr Love Notes - Future relationships...

As part of our series, today, Dr Love speaks on the ins and outs of relationships and how the concept of love has evolved over time.

Drlove 318x200

🔊 PODCAST: Dr Love Notes - How did romance...

Human beings adapt to the different changes easily - the reason human beings were able to conquer the earth.

Truelove 318x200

Sex before marriage: Did love truly wait?...

Quick question: Did you sign a 'True Love Waits' card back in the day? Did you attend any one of the annual youth conferences in Kampala in the 1990s?...

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Bride & Groom Expo: A chance to verify your...

It costs sh35,000 to register a marriage for nationals and refugees and $35 for foreigners.

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Valentine's Day: Just another day

Although the epiphany for the day is its themed fashion colours red and black, that is also gradually changing.

Teachermpamire 318x200

How 'Teacher Mpamire' found new love after...

"I felt lonely and needed someone by my side to keep me happy."

Agony 318x200

She quarrels with neighbours

We have moved to different houses because the house owners say she inconveniences tenants.

Agony 318x200

Should I get a divorce?

When my parents confronted him, he said I was the one who pushed her away

Agony 318x200

He wants me to be a stay at home mum

He says he will cater for the family but how will he manage when we are still renting?

Agony 318x200

Is she expecting my child?

I am having mixed feelings about the news because she has not been sharing the developments of the pregnancy with me


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Meet the Acholi Prince who prefers...

20-year-old Eric Opoka commonly known for his stage name as Eezzy is the hottest musical item in Northern Uganda.