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Why corruption persists in Uganda

There is a prominent level of corruption in Uganda. It makes me wonder who on earth can help us eradicate this vice from our public services

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Dolutegravir drug is safe for women living...

The decision to deny all women of reproductive age access to Dolutegravir is unfair and curtails women’s right to attain the highest standard of care....

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Celebrating our journey of growth

We exceeded our Non Tax Revenue target provided by Ministry of Finance Planning and Economic Development of sh38.6b by raising sh39.9b Ugx, compared to...

Giving HIV positive women dolutegravir way...

Dolutegravir (DTG) is a new drug that has established efficacy, tolerability and a high genetic barrier to resistance.

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Rule of law won’t skip Bobi Wine

If Bobi Wine and others are not guilty of the crimes imputed, they will be discharged or acquitted.

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Financing options key to sustainability of...

Empirical evidence in developing and emerging economies like Ethiopia and Brazil have proved that CHEWs provide the much needed preventive and curative...

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Organisations should protect their information...

Organisations should have clear guidelines and information protection oaths to reduce leak acts by staff and service providers.

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Why South Sudan must embrace justice mechanisms...

During the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, like South Sudan, both sides to the conflict had committed atrocities.

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We can deal with this election violence

I ask that each of us take time to learn about our country and the way that our government works.

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Corbyn, Palestinians and Brexit

It was a calculated attempt to paint Corbyn as anti-Semitic, and the mud stuck.


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AfDB boss eulogises Kofi Annan...

'Kofi had an infectious passion for ending hunger and poverty in Africa'