Govt’s e-tax system to improve collection in cities

Oct 27, 2023

The local government ministry enrolled the program in Mbale city last week, setting a pace for other local governments and cities in Uganda.

Some of the technical employees who attended the training session in Mbale City.

Eddie Ssejjoba
Journalist @New Vision


The Ministry of Local Government is popularizing the Electronic Local Government Revenue Collection System also known as E-LogRev, as a game changer.

The system uses a technological innovation geared towards modernizing and improving revenue collection in urban authorities.

The arrangement, dubbed the ‘Electronic Local Government Revenue Collection System’, also known as E-LogRev, applies automated systems in billing, taxpayer registration, assessment, payment, reconciliation, enforcement, and reporting of revenue under the local government units.  

The system is expected to ease collection and double revenue earnings as well as drastically eliminate issues that have been hindering smooth accountability and transparency within the urban unit’s revenue collection.  

The local government ministry enrolled the program in Mbale city last week, setting a pace for other local governments and cities in Uganda

The launch was also marked as a significant step towards modernising and improving revenue collection in the cities.  

Speaking at the launch of the program, the City Clerk, Ambrose Ochen, said he was optimistic that the initiative would effectively address the long-standing issues that have been delaying submissions of accountability within the city's revenue collection in the different divisions.  

“The introduction of e-LogRev promises to usher in a new era of transparency and efficiency in Mbale City's governance, offering a valuable model for the region and beyond,” he explained.  

At the same function, the Mbale Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Rex Achila, closed a five-day training program on October 20, for technical workers drawn from the departments of finance and revenue collection from the two divisions of Mbale City, which include the Industrial Division and the Northern Division, and others from the city headquarters..    

The technical team members were trained in the effective utilisation of the new system. It was organised by the local government ministry to ensure that there is a unified transition from the old to the new system, without leaving anyone behind.    

The training also empowered the technical teams with the necessary knowledge and skills to proficiently operate the eLogRev system.  

The RCC also handed over the necessary equipment to the representatives of the three divisions essential tools, including laptops, printers, and internet routers. These are intended to ease the collection of local revenue using the eLogrev.  

The function was attended by Abdul Aziz Sharaf, a city councillor who represented the mayor, Kassim Namugali, who was away for official duties.  

According to Aziz, they anticipate a rise in revenue collection from sh314m to approximately sh700m per quarter.   

“This is part of the city’s plan to boost its domestic revenue mobilisation and transformative investments to improve service delivery,” he stated. 

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