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AGONY: My husband’s insecurity is killing...

I can barely breathe; I am not allowed to have my friends over at our house.

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AGONY: My husband vanishes on weekends

I am not tight-marking him, but I believe spouses should always endeavour to update each other on their whereabouts

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🔊 PODCAST: Dr Love Notes - Relationships...

Today, Dr Love takes us right back to the beginning - at the time when human beings started walking on two legs.

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🔊 PODCAST: Introducing the Dr Love Notes...

"It is evident that most of the advice that we get from the church, our relatives, elders and from books is based on yesterday. But many people have to...

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His sister enters our room

When she visits, she enters our bedroom and picks my clothes and shoes without permission.

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Agony: My husband is unpleasant, emotional...

When I try to talk to him, he ignores me, but when i ignore him, he seeks attention, only to withdraw when I respond.

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I want another baby but my husband says...

We agreed to five or six children, he pays the bills and I pay for anything the children need so it is not a money issue or space issue.

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My husband is texting his old crush

In the chat he is telling an old female friend of his, that she is pretty and also goes on to say that , before getting married he had a huge crush on...

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I am tired of being single

I have had countless dates but i have failed to keep any woman interested. I am very successful, i have a nice car, job and house.

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He wants a sixth child

We already have four girls and one boy, but he says wants a second boy


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Kalungi’s lens: City Beat – the...

The parties also gave many upcoming artists much-needed exposure, and they were grateful for it. In 2010, for example, Keko was largely unknown.