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Mother struggles to protect daughter from...

Mukandoli says she told her in-laws to let her daughter grow up and decide on her own if she wants to do what her aunties want her to do

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Hundreds say 'I do' at Rubaga Miracle Centre...

We freeze for you the smiles, kisses, dances and tears of joy as hundreds of couples are joined in marriage.

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My husband prefers renting to building

He says he enjoys switching from one apartment to another every after five months because he likes exploring house designs.

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'I used to enjoy beating my wife every day'...

In Uganda, more than 1 in 5 women aged 15-49 years (22%) report that they have experienced sexual violence.

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X-mas holidays: My parents spoil our children...

When they return from their grandparents, they only want to eat "nice things".

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Christmas: Impress guests with a well-set...

The trick behind setting a table is having the right silverware.

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My parents spoil our children too much

They report us when we try to discipline them and want to eat 'special foods'.

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Better marriages make for healthier hearts...

Men in strong marriages have healthier cholesterol and blood pressure.

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Couples to meet Pope Francis' representative...

Fernando Cardinal Filoni, a prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples in the Roman Curia in Rome, will arrive in the country on October...

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'Parents need to create time for their children'...

"Parents should spare time to be with children to instill in them some values like hard work, patience and faithfulness."


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President meets 2017 Global Impact...

The Global Impact Challenge is an annual competition held to identify outstanding entrepreneurs, leaders, scientists with the most innovative ideas for moonshot innovation that can positively impact a billion people in 10 years.