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Christmas: Impress guests with a well-set...

The trick behind setting a table is having the right silverware.

Grandma 318x200

My parents spoil our children too much

They report us when we try to discipline them and want to eat 'special foods'.

Couple 318x200

Better marriages make for healthier hearts...

Men in strong marriages have healthier cholesterol and blood pressure.

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Couples to meet Pope Francis' representative...

Fernando Cardinal Filoni, a prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples in the Roman Curia in Rome, will arrive in the country on October...

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'Parents need to create time for their children'...

"Parents should spare time to be with children to instill in them some values like hard work, patience and faithfulness."

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‘Col. Ochora died with my mother’s wristwatch’...

"I request that Ochora’s family returns our late mother’s watch and the two families meet and reconcile."

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Babirye and Nakato’s customers can’t tell...

“On several occasions, customers have come briefing me about their previous purchases mistaking me for Nakato."

Twin 318x200

What causes repeated twinning?

One health expert pegs repeated twinning to high fertility.

Twinbrothers 318x200

Kato and Wasswa plan to marry on same day...

Even their mother sometimes finds difficulty in telling them apart.

Kaweesijunior1 318x200

Kaweesi's last-born child Kaweesi Jr baptized...

It was a colorful ceremony which attracted hundreds of people.


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South Africa minister advises on...

According to UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics, women account for less than 30% of the world’s researchers

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