Monday,August 20,2018 19:59 PM

Life Style

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Doctor Love: Men, take the breast, leave...

Doctor Love has tasted breast milk and this is what he discovered.

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Doctor Love: Women, do you know the roles...

The roles of a woman's breasts

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Doctor Love: Do men need breast milk?

Health state minister Sarah Opendi says men are starving babies. She says men are taking breast milk.

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The battle for miss Uganda gets real

Who will be Uganda's next Miss Uganda? The battle is on

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Navio thrills Indians at launch of "NAMO"...

The Indian community in Uganda is already up and down trying to create the best atmosphere for their PM's visit.

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DanceOff boot camp: It's a five-star treat...

Over the course of 10 weeks, the 14 crews will take part in a series of tasks and challenges including professional dance and business acumen.

The fairest Ugandan girl in North America...

The winner will get a scholarship towards college expenses and leadership programmes from UNAA.

Testosterone pushes men to luxury brands...

The sex hormone, it turns out, is a major influencer of male consumer behaviour, according to the research.

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Nominees for 'Africa's Oscar'- Saturday

The nominees over 29 categories, including film and TV, will be revealed by Ghanaian actress and TV host, Joselyn Dumas and Nigerian comedian and actor,...

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Beryl, Rafael shine at bride and groom Expo...

Beryl brought an experience garnered from showcasing her collections from all over Africa, Europe and Asia, and the results were stunning.


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AfDB boss eulogises Kofi Annan...

'Kofi had an infectious passion for ending hunger and poverty in Africa'