Thursday,June 20,2019 13:01 PM

Life Style

Doreenndeeze 318x200

Deaf and fabulous: Doreen Ndeezi beats all...

Doreen Ndeezi, the gender and vulnerable groups coordinator at UNAD is married to Alex Ndeezi with five children. Ndeezi who is also deaf is the Member...

Janea 318x200

Affordable housing is possible in Uganda...

The housing challenge that comes along with immense opportunities has birthed subjective terms such as “affordable housing” and “low-cost housing”.

Drum9 318x200

Dance and beats cultural experience

After a successful maiden show last year, Bukedde TV’s Flavia Namulindwa bounced back with an even bigger show with an overwhelming crowd of revelers....

Kiteezi 318x200

Neighbourhood watch: Bungalows ambush Kiteezi...

Located 14km from Kampala’s central business district, Kiteezi, which lies about 4km off Gayaza Road in Wakiso district, is developing rapidly.

Someofthegiftspresentedtothebridesfamilyfromthegroomontheintroductionday 318x200

Is Kwanjula a show these days?

The introduction ceremony that used to be a simple celebration of two families coming together has slowly degenerated into a circus and show off of money...

Ange 318x200

Angelique Kidjo jets in ahead of jazz concert...

Kidjo who also came with her husband, told the media that Ugandans should expect an energetic and electrifying concert on Tuesday.

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Light up your living room for cosy ambience...

Achieving a cosy ambience in the living room is greatly determined by the type and positioning of the lighting chosen.

Plastictiles2 318x200

Consider using plastic tiles to beautify...

“They are easy to install, as they just interlock on each other. They are firm enough to stay whenever placed.“

Kitchenislands5 318x200

Kitchen Islands for every classy kitchen...

Right in the middle of this evolution is the classy, dainty kitchen island, which many have taken to in a bid to modernize their kitchens.

Bricks7 318x200

Save by making your own bricks

To produce 10,000 bricks (made from normal soil), which cost sh1,800,000. You will thus have saved sh1, 150,000


Budgetnrm 318x200

A rocky beginning for the NRM government...

New Vision TV brings you the analysis on the first budget by NRM government and the rocky start it hard to deliver on the promises the leadership had made during the swearing-in ceremony in 1986.