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Tone your body with frog jumps

To perform this exercise, start from a squatting position.

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Give street children food and they will be...

'Giving out money to street children is not good because it encourages them to keep on the streets'

Inter9pilgrimsfromwesternugandaprayinginfrontofthegrottoofmaryatnamugongocatholicmartyrsshrineontuesday 318x200

Tourism: How Namugongo can generate income-...

"We revere Namugongo because some people offered their lives at the palace for professing their faith," Fr Lubega.

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People's perception on wealth

The peoples' perception on wealth creation must change if we are to attain wealth not money.

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Uganda to host first Conference on Family...

The event will be held under the theme: ‘The Family in the 21Century: Strong? In Crisis? Changing?’

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A look back at Blankets and Wine 2018

Food, fashion and fun is what Blankets and Wine is all about. The 19th edition was exactly that.

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Unstoppable: deformed at birth, now international...

Her teacher also noticed that she loved water. So, I paid for the swimming club. That marked the beginning of her swimming journey.

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Spot the real from fake tiles

Flooring, and particularly with tiles, does not come cheap. It requires a homeowner to dig deeper into the pockets to pull off a tiled floor.

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Fade up of tiles?

Hillary Kyomuhendo, an interior designer at Elite Stones and Designs in Ntinda, says there are other options to explore, such as terrazzo and clay tiles....

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He wants a sixth child

We already have four girls and one boy, but he says wants a second boy


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Gen. Kayihura can access his lawyers...

Kayihura was arrested on Wednesday on allegations related to the murder of former Police spokesperson Andrew Felix Kaweesi, who was murdered in March 2017.