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Is my young brother flirting with my wife?...

She has changed the way she dresses and I have caught the two whispering on several occasions.

Agony 318x200

He dictates what I wear

I never wanted to hurt his feelings then and thought he would change when we got married.

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She hates my daughter

Whenever my daughter comes to stay with me, my new girlfriend mistreats her, yet I take care of her son from a previous relationship.

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Crime in Mukula

It is a tale of running battles, intrigue and bad blood that tears a once thriving village of Mukula.

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My husband prefers renting to building

He says he enjoys switching from one apartment to another every after five months because he likes exploring house designs.

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What you should leave in 2017

Some Ugandans disregard their own safety just to respond to a friend on WhatsApp.They will cross a road with their eyes firmly on their phone.

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My cheating ex is already in the arms of...

He didn’t manage one single night on his own – and that hurts so much. I thought I meant something to him, but I have simply been replaced by a younger,...

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95-year-old retires after 50 years of cheating...

Asked if he did not know it was a sin to cheat, Musakaazi blamed it on the devil

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My lover is leaving me to rekindle with his...

I’m completely gutted and feel such a fool. For the past six months I’ve been going around telling everyone about my new life.

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How Shimon transformed Kira Municipality...

Endowed with Martyr’s Shrine and Mandela National Stadium, Kira visibly cuts an urban and semi urban setting. The place benefited from the facelift of...


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Could Besigye be the Moses who...

It now looks like Besigye, even though he has done a lot to expand the democratic space, his own chances of going to Entebbe State House are receding as new players emerge.

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