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Musinga marital battle escalates

Sources revealed that besides accusing his wife of infidelity, Musinga also accused Kyinkuhaire of denying him conjugal rights for two years. He, therefore,...

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Gomesi: Your questions answered

From Jinja cotton fabric to basic silk and satin, the gomesi has come a long way from its humble conception. It has evolved into a work of art with new...

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As it happened: Toto Christmas Festival 2019...

A colorful event with plenty of engaging activities and entertainment from the likes of Fresh Kid.

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The gomesi: 7 trends to look out for

With the never-ending search for exclusivity, designers are always upping their game, finding new twists that keep the gomesi fashionable in modern times....

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Reduce food waste this Christmas, save money...

As it’s a norm in Uganda many families are planning to buy or have already bought lots of food and drinks for the big day.

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AGONY: My husband’s insecurity is killing...

I can barely breathe; I am not allowed to have my friends over at our house.

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Kira the dormitory of Kampala

In Kireka, a parish known for prostitution, Yiga says they have started projects that have helped to transform the young women, who were engaging in prostitution....

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Why women prefer male hairdressers

It’s really been long since a female hairdresser touched my hair.Male hairdressers are better stylists and more creative compared to their female.

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Did you know you could build a house with...

A studio house is a suitable first home. It is economical, reasonable and good for bachelors.

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🔊 PODCAST | NiE - When children dream big...

Like every other child has a dream, today we are discussing what inspires children into wishing to become a doctor, pilot, engineer, etc.


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Hollywood star joins ‘Save Murchison...

“Don’t say that. When I heard in whispers that the majestic falls are to go away I was in tears. But why? That will be a tragedy..."