Orchidswillbrightenyourhomewithablastofcolour 318x200

Colour up your yard with orchids

Many enthusiasts and collectors describe orchids as the most beautiful flowers in the world.

Homes9a 318x200

Did you know you could build a house with...

A studio house is a suitable first home. It is economical, reasonable and good for bachelors.

Soil 318x200

Do I have to test the soil before building?...

“My architect advised that before I draw the house plan, I should have a soil test done so that I get to know its type and how it will react to things,...

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What you must know about landscaping

Inviting a professional landscape designer on site will help take you through the different stages of design and demystify the unknown.

Plastictiles2 318x200

Consider using plastic tiles to beautify...

“They are easy to install, as they just interlock on each other. They are firm enough to stay whenever placed.“

Swimmingpool1 318x200

How to build a swimming pool in your compound...

The first step in any swimming pool project is to perform a risk assessment at the beginning of project implementation before any work is done.

Compound 318x200

Bring extra glow, cosy feel to your home...

Benon Kisomose, a technician and electrician at Facom Uganda says the creativity applied in setting up garden lights to enhance the beauty of your home,...

Chime 318x200

Your gardens need music too

Most wind chimes feature tubes of varying lengths suspended in a circle from a platform by strings or wires

A garden in the front yard? It's possible...

Select a theme colour that complements the plants and pots.

Curtains 318x200

Ways to keep your home dust-free

Want to get rid of duct in your house? Here are tips to help


Usacoronavirus 318x200

US coronavirus deaths exceed 100,000...

Europe meanwhile has slowly started reopening businesses as outbreaks on the continent slow, but Italy and Spain lack the firepower of richer European nations to rebuild their economies.