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Musicians' memorable wedding ceremonies

We revisit those ceremonies; from Bobi Wine to SK Mbuga and even Judith Babirye.

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The changing face of Kampala

How times change! The raw rustic landscape that defined our beloved capital Kampala is a thing of the past.

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Remembering music legend Herman Basudde

He won 1994 best Solo country African musician and crowned with a silver medal by Lt. Masiko, deputy director of Political Education, Information & Culture...

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Kafeero's indelible mark on music

In 1987, at 16 years and still in Masaba village, he founded his first musical group, the Pluto Boys.

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Uganda's famous musicians over the years...

In the 1960s, and in the 1970s, Bongole was famous for his hits such as Christmas Album, produced in 1986 with songs like Tumusiinze, Gloria, Merry Christmas,...

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The return of the goat race

There’s enough liquor going down in a number of tents, enough food eaten in the other tents. Revellers have dressed to the nines for the occasion. A number...

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'Kenzo's daughter should not have attended...

A section of the public came out to condemn Rema for involving their daughter with Kenzo in their private engagement.

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Kenzo speaks out on Rema's kukyala

“I am also deeply saddened by Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata who attacked and insulted me during the same celebrations in the presence of my daughter,” Kenzo said....

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Hamza, thank you for wiping away my tears...

Rema first publicized the news of her new lover towards the end of August 2019, forsaking her long time ex-lover and fellow artiste Eddy Kenzo.

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♫ 🎸Afrigo Band launch 'Teri Mubi' album in...

Afrigo Band launched their first album in a decade titled 'Teri Mubi', leaving fans basking in their legendary musical presence.


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Flying high like a butterfly

Butterflies are very attractive insects. Many international celebrities have used them as symbols.