Use veterinary doctors for healthy goats - expert

Feb 26, 2024

According to Muhumuza, goat farmers can have poor judgment about diseases that attack their animals, and as a result, they take measures into their own hands.

Edgar Muhumuza, a goat farming expert from Isingiro. (Photos by Maria Wamala)

Dallen Namugga
Journalist @New Vision


Edgar Muhumuza, a goat farming expert from the Isingiro district, has advised people involved in goat rearing and those who want to venture into it to get expert advice from veterinarians for healthy goats.

During a training session at the Harvest Money expo at the Kololo Independence Grounds on February 25, Muhumuza emphasised the need for farmers to involve veterinary doctors in the health of their animals to keep good breeds.

According to Muhumuza, goat farmers can have poor judgment about diseases that attack their animals, and as a result, they take measures into their own hands.

“There is a veterinary doctor in each county. Make use of them. Even if this may involve expenses, do it. Things to do with animal rearing are all about care and nurturing. If you want a good yield, then your input should be serious as well,” Muhumuza said.

However, he cautioned farmers to be careful about who they hire because some people may pretend that they know the issue of the animal, yet they do not.

“A true veterinary doctor has completed a bachelor's degree, and animal production officers are those with a diploma. So, ask those people questions,” Muhumuza explained. 

Goats for milk 

Juliet Kansiime, a small-scale dairy goat farmer in Kampala, urged people to venture into rearing goats for milk production and sale. According to her, the industry is still small, but many can thrive in it.

“Rearing goats for milk is good because, when you practice value addition there are many products you could sell. I soap and lotion from goat milk which have proven to help with various skin conditions,” Kansiime said, adding that the goat milk products have a longer shelf life for those who may fear the short shelf life of the milk.

Kansiime also revealed that goat milk is rich in nutrients that are good for your health. She mentioned that the milk is an immune booster and helps both young and old people.

She further urged people to space their goat farms, however limited their space is, saying goats require aeration and a clean environment to avoid diseases.

During the session, many trainees expressed their preference for rearing goats for meat. According to Allan Atim from Luweero, his desire to venture into goat farming is for meat production.

“I prefer rearing them for meat because goat milk is more expensive than cow milk. I don’t see many people buying and consuming it. I don't know where I would get the market,” Atim said.

Racheal Mwebaza also said the milk she gets from her goats is consumed domestically by her family, while the meat is sold at the market.

About 420 participants attended the afternoon session of the goat farming training and thanked Vision Group for putting together people with a wealth of knowledge and opportunities that were at the expo.

The Harvest Money expo serves as a convergence point for government bodies, ministries, private enterprises, and international firms in support of commercialisation and mechanisation of agriculture in Uganda.

Vision Group organises the Harvest Money Expo annually, a significant agricultural event that brings together various agricultural stakeholders and strives to gather farmers, agribusinesses, policymakers, and investors to exhibit innovations, technologies, and best farming practices.

Themed, “Farming as a Business: Post-Harvest Handling and Innovations,” it was sponsored by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS), Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries (MAAIF), Tunga Nutrition, Engineering Solutions (ENGSOL), Techo Serve, Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), Uganda Warehouse Receipt System Authority, KOICA-K-ABIC, dfcu Bank, Private Sector Foundation Uganda, AKVO International, Pepsi, and State House.

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