Maintain discipline, Brig Gen Besigye tells combat engineer graduates

May 19, 2024

“Discipline and willingness to upgrade will give you a good life in the Army,” said Brig Besigye Bekunda.

Joint Staff Chief Engineering Brig Gen Cyrus Besigye Bekunda dvised the graduates to maintain the discipline they exhibited during training. File photo

Apollo Mubiru
Journalist @New Vision

The Joint Staff Chief Engineering, Brig Gen Cyrus Besigye Bekunda, has implored combat engineers and explosive experts to maintain discipline and continually upgrade their skills to reach the pinnacle of their army careers.

“Discipline and willingness to upgrade will give you a good life in the Army,” said Brig Besigye Bekunda during the passing-out ceremony for 255 students from Combat Engineering Level III and Explosive Ordnance Devices/Improvised Explosive Devices (EOD/IED) Level II, comprising 204 and 51 students, respectively, at the School of Combat Engineers in Karama, Mubende District.

Addressing the graduates, the chief guest, Brig Gen Cyrus Besigye Bekunda, expressed his delight in officiating at the significant graduation ceremony, noting the school’s remarkable growth from a single building block to a thriving school.

He emphasised the importance of continuous training, urging students to embrace the next level of training and upgrade their skills for better promotion prospects. 

“We expect you to perform much better in the field than the way you have demonstrated to us here,” he added.

Brig Gen Bekunda advised the graduates to maintain the discipline they exhibited during training, wherever they are deployed, to ensure a long and healthy service in the army. 

He also cautioned them against the abuse of alcohol and its related evils.

“The Ministry of Defence and Veterans Affairs has pledged to secure motor vehicle bridge equipment and prioritize its budget,” he noted.

The commandant of the School of Combat Engineers, Col Wilson Kabeera, expressed gratitude to the Army leadership for supporting the school and its training programs. 

He emphasised the importance of discipline, readiness, and adaptability in countering enemy threats, reflecting the school’s vision of training officers and men who can provide solutions to commanders’ decisions.

The graduates underwent comprehensive training in core aspects of combat engineering, including organisation, rigging, demolition, water supply, mine warfare, booby traps, roads, and rafts. The EOD/IED course covered explosive theory, EOD task management, modern mines, use of explosives, skill at arms, political education, drill, financial resilience, and military law.

Col Kabeera expressed optimism that sister units like the Special Force Command (SFC) have acquired the knowledge offered by the combat school, enabling the production of wholesome soldiers capable of accomplishing tasks in any scenario. 

“In the spirit of professionalism and modernisation of our forces, we see an opportunity to produce wholesome soldiers who can accomplish any task in any given scenario. Knowledge in water purification, EOD, urban military breaching and basic NBC defence should be integrated into every soldier’s basic training,” he advised.

In attendance were: Brig Peter Ongiya Candia Commandant of the Mechanised Brigade and Col RC Wakayinja Acting Commander of the 14 Combat Engineering Brigade, among other senior UPDF officers.

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