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Govt to medics: Your strike is illegal

One of the key demands is that the monthly salary of a senior consultant be increased from sh3.4m to sh35m and be given a five bed-roomed house.

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Diabetes: what to eat for prevention, reverse...

Aim to eat more natural, unprocessed food and less packaged and convenience foods.

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Kenya’s smallest tribe struggles to survive...

But Ikal does not think Gibe III is solely to blame for the receding water levels of Lake Turkana.

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Ebola outbreaks linked to loss of forest...

Researchers investigated vegetation-cover changes near 27 populated areas where Ebola outbreaks occurred.

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Sugar speeds up dementia

Globally, there are now around 50 million people with Alzheimer’s.

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Marburg confirmed in Uganda

As of October 19, only one case had been confirmed. The case was of a 50-year-old female from Chemuron village, Moyok Parish in Kapchorwa district.

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Cataracts responsible for increased cases...

In Uganda 57.1% of blindness is caused by cataracts, while uncorrected refractive errors are the commonest cause of visual impairment

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Climate change: Ayeni set to complete 260km...

Ayeni is being supported by the Ministry of Water and Environment, National Forestry Authority and the World Wide Fund for nature.

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Uganda grapples with indoor air pollution...

According to Emmery Mbaha, the president of the Environmental Health Workers’ Association of Uganda (EHWAU), air pollution is an issue neglected by people....

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Rotary Club Kajansi, Uganda prisons to plant...

Rotary Club Kajansi president, Apollo Kankunda, asked the community to care for the trees because they are beneficial to them too.


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South Africa minister advises on...

According to UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics, women account for less than 30% of the world’s researchers

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