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EAC countries join efforts to increase trade...

The three-year project worth sh22.2b agricultural covers Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda.

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Why KCCA is closing Kiruddu Hospital, 3 years...

According to the notice of closure signed by the director of public health, Dr. Daniel Okello, the move is intended to avert the spread of diseases, like...

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Make charcoal economy sustainable - the trees...

As global crude oil prices continue to rise, majority of households in East Africa still depend on wood and charcoal as a primary energy source which has...

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Cholera in Kampala: What you should know...

A source at the Mulago causality ward says the first cholera patient to be admitted at one of the isolation camps was a wife to one of the doctors.

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At least 41 dead as Kenya dam bursts

The raging waters wiped out two villages, a local resident said, while power lines were swept away, leaving many without electricity.

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Lands minister faces probe: What happened...

The land probe team ask lands minister Betty Amongi about the Land Fund being non-operational since its establishment a decade ago.

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Lands minister Amongi returns before land...

Amongi is summoned to respond to several allegations, including accusations of intimidation from Toshak Manubhai Patel, a businessman.

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Tourism nearly a tenth of global CO2 emissions...

Holding the sector's carbon pollution in check will likely require carbon taxes or CO2 trading schemes for aviation, researchers say.

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A first ever national cleaning day

"So much household waste is dumped in gutters that they constantly become blocked causing flooding during the rains."

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Earthquake kills four in South Africa mine...

The national union of mineworkers are angry and concerned at the rate at which mining accidents are happening at Sibanye-Stillwater.


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Kawempe landlords receive sh2.1b...

Landlords are partly responsible for the sanitation of their tenants through provision of sanitation equipment.