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Baby 318x200

When a premature baby progressively survives...

Namwebe reveals that after delivering her third born, she never went into her menstrual periods again for seven years, but would experience a lot of pain...

Baby 318x200

Brain damage: The baby with a sh200m problem...

“The child has severe brain damage and is not likely to recover on its own."

Odaga1 318x200

Ebola: Gov't screening people coming into...

In Parliament, Kyaka South MP Jackson Kafuuzi asked how Government plans to contain the Ebola outbreak in neighboring DR Congo.

Heartratemonitor 318x200

Heart attack: 'Death more likely for women...

Researchers at Harvard University found a "stark" difference in survival according to whether the patient's and doctor's gender matched.

Aaaaabig 318x200

Health workers saving preterms with simple...

Every preterm baby has to be initiated on kangaroo mother care

Stress 318x200

Is 'compulsive sexual behaviour' a mental...

The contentious term "sex addiction" has been around for decades but experts disagree over whether the condition exists.

Museveni 318x200

Avoid meals towards bedtime, tips Museveni...

"My lunches are light because I want to avoid ulcers while supper rations are very little and consumed early in the evening," says Mr. President.

Gnuts 318x200

Nuts may boost male fertility - study

Does this mean that men hoping to conceive a child should add nuts to their diet?

Lab 318x200

Progress toward less toxic tools to fight...

More than 30 immunotherapy drugs are in development, and 800 clinical trials are underway.

Mosquitonet 318x200

Ugandan refugees to get over 800,000 bed...

The health ministry will first conduct a needs assessment to determine which refugees required the bed nets the most.


Kofiannan 318x200

AfDB boss eulogises Kofi Annan...

'Kofi had an infectious passion for ending hunger and poverty in Africa'