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How to grow rice in Uganda

For upland rice, fine soils, for example, loam are recommended

How to add value to your fish

One of these is by making fillets out of fish, fish balls, fish fingers, and smoking them

Diary Authority gets new boss

By Geoffrey Mutegeki The Dairy Development Authority (DDA) has a new executive director, Michael Kansiime. Jolly Kemirembe, the outgoing executive...

Desire to improve produce pushed Monday into...

“I switched to coffee growing because maize is prone to drought, so we always suffered big losses. I am one of the pioneer coffee growers in Rushango,”...

Stocking in fish farming

If cat fish fingerlings weigh 10 grammes and you need 2kg, you stock 200 fingerlings per square metre

How to add value to bananas

A 20kg bunch of bananas can produce at least 10 litres of diluted juice

The potential in fish farming

The average cost of using a tractor to construct a 20x40metre pond is sh5m

Post-harvest handling of maize

To process a tonne of good flour, you need around 1.8tonnes of maize grain

Grow maize, control the stalk borer

This is the biggest threat to maize plants, however, it can be controlled

Grow maize, ensure food security

To invest in an acre of maize, a commercial farmer spends an average sh100,000-sh150,000 on hybrid seeds per acre


FGM: Young girls rescued from Kenya

FGM: Young girls rescued from Kenya

"We found each of them with a packet of new razor blades," he said. Alany said the girls later acknowledged coming from Uganda,...