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Hi Great

Hi Great

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We had better education at independence

I was 20 years old in 1962. Independence day was a moment when every Ugandan, be it members of the Democratic Party, Uganda People’s Congress or Kabaka...

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Ochwo has sworn in six presidents

During the 21 years that Ochwo spent in the office of clerk to Parliament, he organised the swearing-in of six heads of state, from Idi Amin to President...

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I struggled to sing the national anthem

The events on the night of October 9, 1962, are so fresh on my mind as if they happened just yesterday. We had our celebrations at Uhuru Park in Soroti....

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Looking back down the railway tracks

Fifty years ago, as Uganda looked forward to self rule, a highly efficient railway transport system was operational in the country. Eng. Nekemia Besigiroha,...

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Vision Group offers e-paper free for Golden...

“We are giving jubilee e-paper free because we want to celebrate with our esteemed readers. We don’t want them to miss out on the once in the life time...

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Kagame dances with Ugandans in his country...

Kagame dances with Ugandans in his country

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Ugandans celebrate Independence day Tunis...

Ugandans celebrated Golden Jubilee, in picture is Ambasador Sebunya and the team Uganda@50

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Golden Jubilee routes unveiled

The Police has issued traffic guidelines to be followed by thousands of Ugandans expected to throng the Kololo ceremonial grounds for the Golden Jubilee...

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Uganda missions to mark jubilee

It was Sir Winston Churchill, former British Prime Minister, who in 1909 called Uganda “the Pearl of Africa”.


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Coronavirus threatens nearly 20...

The AU study published Monday said the African Union Commission "should lead negotiations of an ambitious plan for the cancellation of total African external debt", valued at $236 billion.