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Rotary Club Kajansi, Uganda prisons to plant...

Rotary Club Kajansi president, Apollo Kankunda, asked the community to care for the trees because they are beneficial to them too.

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How to get rid of bad breath

Persistent bad breath may be a warning sign of gum disease and tooth decay which can be worsened by crowded teeth says James Obua, a dental surgeon working...

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Government wants nuclear technology to fight...

Nagana is a debilitating chronic condition in livestock that reduces fertility, weight gain, and impacts meat and milk production.

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Naguru Hospital lacks gloves, using polythene...

Last week, the state minister for general duties, Sarah Opendi, caught two of Naguru Hospital workers extorting money from patients

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Life expectency up in Uganda - study

A Ugandan man born in 2016 can expect to live 59.8 years, an increase in life expectancy of 8 years over the past decade. A woman has a life expectancy...

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Public urged to embrace tree planting to...

According to Sylvia Akello, the Otuke Woman MP, tackling climate change needs collaborative efforts from the leaders at various levels.

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Pregnant and breastfeeding: When to stop...

Grace Ntale, a nursing officer, says a pregnant woman who is also breastfeeding is prone to anemia and dehydration.

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How to treat heart burn

It is a burning sensation in the chest that is usually accompanied by a sour or salty hot fluid at the back of the throat.

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Benefits of co-ordination exercises

Cordination exercises help with balance, core stability and movement of the whole body.

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Ngora town choking on waste

Traders said Ngora town has only one latrine, which is also under renovation.


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Kabila pledges DR Congo elections...

In power since 2001, Kabila officially ended his term in office in December, but he was allowed to remain under the New Year's Eve deal in exchange for guarantees that elections will be held.