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Poultry ban: Govt to negotiate with countries...

There have been calls by stakeholders to retaliate by closing Uganda’s borders and banning goods from countries rejecting the country’s poultry products....

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How to take care of livestock during rainy...

In fact, unless farmers take immediate steps, they may end up losing many of their animals that they intend to sell.

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Farming tips: How to handle mites

Mites feed at night and one bird can carry 500,000 mites, while they feed, which usually takes about two hours.

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Tips on buying matooke

The best variety is Nakitembe because it is soft when cooked and is commonly used in customary rites

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The trick in farming at home

With each litre going for sh1,200, Sekagya receives sh180,000 daily from the milk alone, or over sh5m a month

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Mugisha is an agro-ecologist in the middle...

Mugisha has managed to conserve over 30 varieties of beans on her farm.

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Dutch poultry farmers set to visit Uganda...

The visit re-affirms Uganda’s position as one of the leading poultry keepers in East Africa

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My pigs took me to the Netherlands

"People despise pigs for being dirty, but see where they have brought me,” said Clara Anzoa from Moyo.

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Govt introduces agriculture insurance scheme...

The scheme is used in many countries to cushion farmers from calamities such as drought or floods and ensure that they have resources to produce during...

COMESA launches harmonized seed trade regulations...

It is a historic opportunity to collectively reflect on how best to plan and avoid or mitigate risks that face the agriculture sector in the region


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Felix Kaweesi's 'lover' held hostage...

The SOS was reportedly sent by Muhoza who Kasingye described as the “so-called Kaweesi girlfriend”.