Govt, Catholic Church to construct university in Karamoja

Jul 30, 2023

"The University will help conduct research and build capacity of the youth, women and community leaders. Develop knowledge and community-based peace infrastructure to promote harmony, security and stability in the region," said Alupo.

Laying the foundation stone for the Peace and Technology University. Courtesy photo

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The construction of the Karamoja Peace and Technology University in Karamoja region's Kotido district has been launched.

The laying of the foundation of the university, which is expected to foster Peace and Education in the Great Lakes region, was done by Vice-President Jessica Alupo at Losilang ward, Kotido municipality.

The project is being spearheaded by Kotido Catholic Diocese led by bishop Dominic Eibu and the Catholic Lawyers Society International. 

When completed, the university is expected to offer courses in computer science and applied technology; oil, gas and metals industry and education; peace and security studies; environment; agriculture and veterinary medicine; health sciences; business and entrepreneurship and law among others.

Alupo, who is also the Katakwi District Woman Member Parliament, represented President Yoweri Museveni at the July 28, 2023, ceremony attended by politicians, religious leaders, the academia and locals from all spheres of life. 

In her remarks, the vice-president said the establishment of the university will drive and lead the process of providing quality transformational and inspiring education to produce practical and skilled professionals who will greatly contribute to the process of social-economic transformation and development of the Great Lakes region.

"The University will help conduct research and build capacity of the youth, women and community leaders. Develop knowledge and community-based peace infrastructure to promote harmony, security and stability in the region," she said.

Alupo further noted that when completed, the university, the first ever in Karamoja, will develop appropriate technology to harness natural resources for wealth creation and integral human development.

She assured locals and development partners that the Government supported the establishment of the university from inception and that it will ensure its sustainability. She informed the audience that as deputy chancellor and President Museveni as chancellor, they will ensure that all programmes are relevant in the job market.

"As government we support the idea of the peace programmes and also going home-to-home teaching about the value of peace," Alupo said.

Transformative role

Bishop Eibu said this university is going to be solid because it is being constructed in the heart of Karamoja and shall play a transformative role in the region.

He asked the Government to support the initiative to ensure it becomes a success adding that its success here is also for government.

"Together, we should hold this project at heart for the good of Karamoja and the great lakes region," the bishop said.

He asked for co-orperation from all stakeholders to make the project a reality from which they shall all benefit. Eibu also urged the people of Karamoja to embrace government poverty alleviation programmes such as the Parish Development Model. 

Soverino Twinobusingye, the president of Catholic Lawyers Society International, appealed to all to come so that they can learn together, and acquire knowledge and skills that will help them transform their lives for sustainable growth.

According to him, the faculty of peace and security studies, their first students will be warriors and Karachunas (reformed warriors).

He added that in the faculty of agriculture and environmental sciences, they plan to set up large-scale scientific agricultural farms in Karamoja and turn it into a green land and world food basket.

Twinobusingye said the university will promote adoption of appropriate technology to supply clean water for agriculture, human and animal consumption and mitigate the challenges caused by climate change.

Amnesty for reformed warriors

The vice president used the same platform to give Government of Uganda re-assurances of amnesty to reformed youths who voluntarily returned a gun that was used to kill two Uganda Peoples Defence Forces soldiers in Kotido last week. 

She noted right now, Karamoja needs only books, pens, pencils and rubbers, but not guns and urged other youth harbouring guns to pick a leaf and return them.

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