Freshers advised on how to behave, excel at campus

May 18, 2024

"You are on your own; expect the good and bad," Keirungi describes the university as the land of freedom. 

You can party and make friends but still stay on top of your studies. Photo by Ritah Mukasa

Ritah Mukasa
Journalist @New Vision

Universities are about to open their doors to new students, also called freshers. Many are excited to join campus and enjoy the newfound freedom, adventures and new beginnings. 

Donna Keirungi, a warden at Makerere University and Dr Suzan Nakanwagi, a senior lecturer at the School of Law, Nkumba University, tip freshers on how to have a fruitful stay at the university.

"You are on your own; expect the good and bad,Keirungi describes the university as the land of freedom. 

"However, with freedom comes the expectation of maturity. So, keep in mind that your roommates and lecturers are not your parents to keep tabs on whether you are attending classes or doing the right thing at the right time.  It’s upon you to mark your calendar and keep a timetable otherwise the freedom can lead to failure,she adds.

Nakanwagi emphasizes that you are on your own on campus. No one will tell you to read or do your coursework. Rather, a lot of self-drive is needed and yet time management is key. 

She adds that University life is completely different from high school. It’s important to manage your time as it will help you to balance books, social life, and other responsibilities. You can party and make friends but still stay on top of your studies.

On the other hand, Keirungi advises treating your roommates well because they could turn into long-term friends. Back in the day, she shared a room with two amazing students, while in Africa hall and they have since maintained the friendship.

"Also feel free to ask for help from any offices,she says. 

She adds that It is sometimes risky to ask anyone and everyone but a student needs to know the people who are mandated to make their stay easier like the warden, custodian, hall guard and key student leaders.  Remember to normalize attending orientation sessions for guidance as well.

There is pressure to fit in

In some cases, freshers give in to peer pressure to get a sense of belonging according to Nakanwagi.  

She advises new students to set their priorities right and not be swayed. Friends can either make you or break you so, choose them wisely.

On the flipside, some students find it difficult to make friends. In that case, keep in mind that everyone is new. Be free to start up conversations with classmates, roommates and colleagues you meet in clubs and at university events.  Don’t hesitate to Interact and break the ice. Be open to people from different backgrounds as this will broaden your horizons.

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