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Parents urged to vet institutions before...

“Many institutions have come up and are not recognised by government and yet attract huge numbers of students"

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Wambi blends play with classwork

“He has enthusiasm in involving both pupils and their teachers in picking up simple modes of handling the two at once."

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Auma gave up a scholarship for her school...

She has restored administrative structures such as the Parents and Teachers Association.

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Namutumba’s Kasiisa feeds pupils on school...

In 2010, after a prolonged dry spell and food scarcity, children mainly in Namutumba suffered greatly from malnutrition.

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Kighala turning tide for once condemned Nakavule...

“We have moved to complete fencing of the upper compound. What remains is the staff quarter ends and marshy lowlands."

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Anena makes it impossible for pupils to leave...

“The moment any girl disappears we follow her up. We do not encourage the transfer of the girls unless the headteacher authorises."

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World Population Day: Focus on quality universal...

Uganda's population is placed at 37.7 million people as per the National Population Council and at 44 million by the World Statistical Survey.

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Train self-reliant students - Bishop Zziwa...

It is always good to excel in academics but there is alot more to learn to become a complete person.

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Uganda to host global conference on education...

“A student must be assessed based on their capacity to create innovations from the subjects they study in classroom."

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Makerere University private admission list...

Here is a list of admissions on the private scheme.


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The battle that awaits Uganda Airlines...

Will the Uganda Airlines survive in the already dominated bussiness?