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Primary schools lacking qualified teachers...

Research shows that many children world over, are failing to acquire basic literacy skills before they exit the education system

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FEASSSA: First Lady flags off Rwanda-bound...

As many as 766 students from 56 schools will represent Uganda at the 17th edition of the Federation of East African Secondary School Sports Associations...

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Masindi’s dedicated maths teacher needs urgent...

“She is so determined. If she can lift her head from the pillow then you know she will be at school,” headteacher, Esther Ahurra says.

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Today, in Mwalimu

The annual prize launched in 2014 is given to teachers who “Have made outstanding contribution to the profession.”

Over 290 set to graduate from UCU Mbale Campus...

This will also be the second part of UCU’s 19th graduation ceremony

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Parents urged to vet institutions before...

“Many institutions have come up and are not recognised by government and yet attract huge numbers of students"

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Wambi blends play with classwork

“He has enthusiasm in involving both pupils and their teachers in picking up simple modes of handling the two at once."

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Auma gave up a scholarship for her school...

She has restored administrative structures such as the Parents and Teachers Association.

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Namutumba’s Kasiisa feeds pupils on school...

In 2010, after a prolonged dry spell and food scarcity, children mainly in Namutumba suffered greatly from malnutrition.

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Kighala turning tide for once condemned Nakavule...

“We have moved to complete fencing of the upper compound. What remains is the staff quarter ends and marshy lowlands."


Vipers warm-up ahead of new season...

The idea behind this is to ensure that players are really focused.