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Qatar allows full ownership for foreign investors...

Currently, foreign investors can own up to 49 percent of companies listed on Qatar's stock exchange in accordance with a law passed in 2014.

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Financial tip: Don't hold money, invest it...

Use your savings to acquire assets that will generate cash on a regular basis.

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Uganda shilling weakens

Alpha Capital Partners boss Stephen Kaboyo noted that market demand and supply dynamics were at par, with some players seen building positions ahead of...

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Food prices continue to drive inflation down...

“Core inflation declined due to a drop in the cost of services such as education, health and transport to 3.3% in August from 4.0% for the period under...

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Gov't to close errant SACCOs

Recently, SACCO members from Rakai and Sembabule districts lost over sh2bn and shs800m respectively

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Latest exchange rates

Source: Bank of Uganda (BOU)

Forecxrates 318x200

Latest exchange rates

Source: Bank of Uganda (BOU)

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Pound edges up after hitting 31-year low...

In afternoon trade Tuesday sterling bought $1.3315 in Tokyo, up from $1.3228 in New York, where it at one point sank to $1.3121, its lowest level since...

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Latest exchange rates

The British pound plunged Friday after Britain's surprise decision to leave the European Union, and some foreign exchange experts predicted more weakness...

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Dfcu banking officer declines to give evidence...

Kakooza took one of the three options given to him at the closure of the prosecution case. One of the options was to testify on oath, which would leave...


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Could Besigye be the Moses who...

It now looks like Besigye, even though he has done a lot to expand the democratic space, his own chances of going to Entebbe State House are receding as new players emerge.

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