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Debate on GMO foods resumes next week

The Science, Technology and Innovations minister, Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, said the debate on the Bill is slated to resume on Tuesday, next week.

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Teach kids to grow their own food

“It should be a fun expedition. Let them get dirty while preparing their gardens, planting and harvesting,” he advises.

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Farmers to spend less on termites with new...

Using the new chemical, farmers or building owners will have to apply it around the affected area once in 10 years.

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Teso farmers advised to take advantage of...

In Teso sub-region, almost each parish has at least more than one small trading centre where pigs are slaughtered on daily basis.

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Serwadda: The bodaboda rider who landed in...

Sserwadda harvests a pick-up of pineapples every two weeks. A truck carries about 1,500 pineapples per trip. He sells each pineapple at an average of sh1,000....

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Too much water can kill your tree

The symptoms for water-starved trees can be the same as those caused by water-logged tree roots.

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Take on row planting to improve your yields...

Failure to do the basics of farming greatly affects farmers.

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Vegetables the new money market for Nakaseke,...

“Vegetables can fetch a lot of money, if a farmer looks after them properly."

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With simple irrigation, you can grow crops...

“I harvested over 1,000kg of upland rice last year."

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Lack of data affects trading of beans

“As seed producers and traders, we need that information so we can know how much seed should be produced..."


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Felix Kaweesi's 'lover' held hostage...

The SOS was reportedly sent by Muhoza who Kasingye described as the “so-called Kaweesi girlfriend”.