Wednesday,May 23,2018 09:00 AM


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400 African immigrants rescued

The migrants were found by a team that had been combing the desert for them between Arlit and Assamaka, a town on the border with Algeria.

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Ebola vaccine arrives in DR Congo amid outbreak...

The number of reported cases is 42, including two confirmed, according to a World Health Organization tally

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US reviews Somalia raid after five civilian...

US forces, in an advise-and-assist capacity, partnered with Somali forces in a raid targeting Islamic Al-Qaeda militants

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DR Congo expels two British journalists

Army officials detained and questioned the three reporters on Monday and confiscated their equipment.

Pan African Parliament sitting opens

The session, under the theme, “Winning the Fight against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation,” is running from 7-18 May.

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Ugandan “Gorilla” star attraction at Indaba...

Guest after guest that visited the Pearl of Africa stall sought to take photos and selfies with the 'Gorilla'.

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Cape Town mayor sacked by own party

The embattled Patricia De Lille vowed to legally contest her sacking

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Biggest ever cholera vaccine drive underway...

More than two million people will receive the oral cholera vaccine as part of five major campaigns in Malawi, Nigeria, South Sudan, Uganda and Zambia....

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Toll rises to 7 after earthquake in S.African...

Six mine workers remain in hospital.

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Kenya floods leave 112 dead in two months...

The floods come after three failed rainy seasons inflicted a crippling drought that sent food prices soaring.


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Kawempe landlords receive sh2.1b...

Landlords are partly responsible for the sanitation of their tenants through provision of sanitation equipment.