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  • Plastic plants for your home

Artificial plants are convenient so they can be placed everywhere
Rebecca Nalunga
Journalist @New Vision

Plants give any room a fresh natural look. However, natural plants are expensive to buy, tend and maintain.

“You need to water them, add fertilizers, prune the branches and sometimes change them frequently in case of flowers because they wither,” says Flavia Namwanje, an interior and exterior decorator at Porsche Events.

Moreover, it is not healthy to have plants indoors because they consume oxygen at night and give off carbon dioxide.

However, artificial plants are a good replacement. Namwanje says that they come in different sizes, colours and species and many of them are believable in texture.

“If you want a cactus, sunflower, palm, night rose, you can have them all. Some are climbing plants, potted plants, hanging plants and just single stalks and they come with their accessories so you save on vases,” Namwanje says.

 She adds that that one can even create their colours for artificial plants using the spray. “You can create want black, teal or golden flowers and create unique combinations.

Mr Baker Ainebyona, the Managing Director of Danube Home also points out that even if you have no compound, you can create green space indoors with grass carpets. “These carpets have infinity colour, meaning that they do not fade, and they have pores which drain water,” he says.

 Artificial plants are convenient so they can be placed everywhere. “They can withstand the wet humidity in the bathroom, without getting spoilt. When they get dusty all you have to do is rinse them and they are as good as new,” she says.

They are child friendly and pose less  risk in the home.



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