• Nov 30, 2021 . 1 min Read
  • Bizonto comedians split over greed, dubious contracts

The Bizonto members
Alex Balimwikungu
@New Vision

The group that has been in and out of jail on several occasions on charges of promoting sectarianism and offensive communication, is not blaming the Police this time. They are trading barbs among themselves and, among other ills, accuse each other of bloated egos and greed.

Bizonto comprise Julius Sserwanja, also known as Kidomoole; Mbabaali Maliseeri (Uncle Luyuguumo);  Gold Ki Matono, also known as Opeto and Peter Ssabakaaki (Omuzinyuuzi).

The Kampala Sun has learnt that the four members bitterly parted ways over money, as well as registration and contract issues. Ironically, this comes exactly one year after one of them; Toby Kafeero aka Dr T Amale, left the group to pursue a solo career, citing greed.

Part of their ire stems from claims that Sserwanja, the group leader, went behind their backs and registered a new group, Bizonto Media Communications Company, without their approval.

Sserwanja (left) the Bizonto leader took to Twitter to unveil the new faces of the comic outfit.

His peers were shocked when Sserwanja asked the Bizonto comedy members to apply for jobs in the ‘new’ company.  “We thought he was joking until he sent all of us letters imploring us to apply for the jobs before November 30, lest we cease being part of the group we have been part of  for the last three years,” one downcast member revealed.

They are adamant there is no way they are going to apply to join a group where they are founding members.

“We shall rather start a breakaway group than be part of confusion.”

Sserwanja declined to give a comment to journalists on the matter, but he took to Twitter where he posted a picture comprising just three people, among them a woman and revealed that it was the new profile picture of the Bizonto.

Bizonto were first arrested in July last year after producing and circulating a skit titled Who Are Our Leaders in which they mockingly prayed for Uganda’s top leaders.



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