• Oct 11, 2021 . 1 min Read
  • NRM supporters call for government protection

Naluwoza Sofia and her daughter alleges to have been brutalised by people they termed hooligans. (Credit: Jimmy Outa)
Jimmy Outa
Journalist @New Vision


WAKISO - National Resistance Movement (NRM) supporters are seeking government protection after allegedly receiving threats from hooligans.

Addressing the media last week at Front Page Hotel in Namasuuba, Naluwoza Sofia, a victim of the brutal attacks said they have continued to receive death threats from thugs despite the end of 2021 general elections.

“On  November 22, last year, my daughter and I were attacked by a gang of people who wielded pangas. We were canned and even cut,” Naluwoza disclosed.

'I never thought of any reason why I would be attacked but when I was in the hospital, I was insulted by some patients who said I was campaigning for Museveni and giving out NRM T-shirts,' she said. 

Naluwoza accused the NRM of forgetting the common people that were campaigning for them.

“NRM should go back to the grassroots and at least stand with the people who stood by the party during the general elections,” she added.

The Civil Aviation Authority director, Ayub Sooma, condemned the acts of brutalizing Ugandans, especially from the recent elections.

He urged youths to work hard and love each other despite their political affiliations because they are all Ugandans.


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