The Muhoozi Project: Two sides to every story; their side and the truth
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By Jordan Ddungu

The Muhoozi Project is a term that came into existence after it was alleged by David Tinyefuuza almost 10 years ago. For years, we, the lay Wananchi have often tried to leave matters of the GENERALS TO THE GENERALS but what happens when these matters threaten our existence? Our peace?

It is laughable that it is the year 2021, in Uganda characterized by democracy there are people that believe that H.E YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI can successfully groom his son as the next president of Uganda. Isn’t that for the ballot to decide? Isn’t that for the people of Uganda to decide?

An echo of what the President actually said to the Paris-based, French state-owned international news television network, FRANCE 24 that once again tried to ignite the debate about whether or not the president is grooming his son General Kainerugaba as his successor. The eloquent Revolutionary gave an answer that any other sane Ugandan would give. “They are not serious; why should I groom my son? The people of Uganda are there and they will select whom they want.”

See as expected this kind of interview is synonymous with the intention to cause political tension among Ugandans by assumingly putting the president in the corner. But have we learnt nothing from history; nobody puts the exceptional leader of his caliber in a corner. He walks out of corners confidently like they are don’t exist at all.

This reply solidifies the existing democracy in this country. The freedom of the people of Uganda to choose and elect their own leaders. After all, if it was a matter of grooming, wouldn’t we all be well-groomed president will be’s? After all who wouldn’t want to be president!

What our political leaders didn’t foresee is the more they fronted this “MUHOOZI PROJECT” the more his already growing popularity soared. But who is Muhoozi that is causing all this talk? Who is he rising through all quintessence in all fields?

General Muhoozi Kainerugaba was born on April 24th 1974.He is now 47 years of age and he is a senior Presidential Advisor for security Operations and commander of the land forces in the Uganda Peoples Defence Force(UPDF) and he previously served as the commander of the Special Forces Command.

His love for peace and security dates back in 1994 when as a young man, he undertook a successful cadre ship development course, and soon after completion, her rallied hundreds of youth and his peers to join security forces and serve their country.

In 1999, Gen Kainerugaba joined the army where he undertook numerous military training courses including the officer cadet course at Royal military academy Sandhurst in UK, Company Commander/Batallion Commanders course at Egyptian Millitary Academy, Armoured Warfare Course, at Armoured Warfare Training School Kalaama Uganda,Command and General staff college  at Fort Leavenworth Kansas in USA, Airborne school in Fort Benning Georgia USA, and Executive National Security Course at the South African National Defence College in South Africa.

He went to Kampala Parents School for Primary, Kings College BUDDO and St Mary’s College Kisubi for Secondary education. He further went to Nottingham University in the UK where he graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Arts in political science.

In 2006 after supervising the training and organization of first commando battalion, he was immediately deployed in Bundibugyo by the commander in chief, President Museveni, to tackle and combat ADF groups that had ravaged the area but were soon defeated and flashed into the DRC in 2007.

Aside the already known facts stated above on who Muhoozi Kainerugaba Is as a person, an individual, a freedom fighter, an unbeatable patriot, there is still more on the enigma that is the army General MUHOOZI KAINERUGABA and his continuous growing popularity in Uganda. There are a number of reasons as why his popularity is soaring. Most do not come as a surprise to those that know the man that is Muhoozi.

Whereas some people only know Gen Kainerugaba as a senior military officer, the commander as a senior military officer, the commander Land Forces is deeply rooted into sports development across the country. His name rings a bell to all sports personalities within the country due to his vigorous commitment and involvement in the sports sector.

This involvement is seen even very recently when he made headlines after a donation he made of 180M to bail out the Silverbacks Basketball team that was stuck in Rwanda with huge unpaid hotel bills. His impact in the sports world is not newfound as in the Army he is directly accredited for directly initiating and supporting the sports department. He also started the Muhoozi Cup Tournament where youth participate in both football and netball games. This involvement in the sports sector highlights sports as an integral part of social development, especially for the youth.

General Kainerugaba is a known peace advocate accruing to his military training and genuine love for the people of Uganda. It is this love and passion for the wellbeing of the wananchi that has led him to singlehandedly buttress our performing arts sector that encompasses music, dance, drama and the entire entertainment sector at large. He has continuously rendered aid to this sector each time he has been called upon. It is argued in some corners that many artists and music promoters including Jose Chameleon, Bebe Cool and even Bobi Wine, Balaam, wouldn’t be a huge success if General Kainerugaba didn’t show his support time and again. This has created an increasing attachment to entertainment lovers especially the youth who earn their livelihood from this sector.

Other sources have also identified Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba as a person with clear political Generosity to many leaders within the country. Many political leaders are a success owing to his guidance and love for leadership for this gallant country. He is greatly considered as a political mentor due to his tolerance and accommodation of various divergent views.

It is also on record that General Kainerugaba during his over 27 years tenure in the army worked tirelessly towards the restoration of security sanity in various parts of the country including Teso region, Lango, Acholi, the West Nile, South Western Uganda and even the central region.

Around 2003, Gen Muhoozi the then Commander of the deadly motorized Infantry battalion spent over four months in the jungles of Teso fighting the famous LRA day and night and as a result the rebels were successfully defeated and consequently flashed out of the region.

This created peace and stability and saved lives of numerous Ugandans like Allan Otim who is now living in Gulu after being saved from being killed by the LRA with his mother after the rebels had killed his father. The young man to this day vows endless support to the selfless general to whom he constantly refers to as his lifesaver. A lifesaver only fit to be the next president of Uganda.

General Muhoozi also followed the LRA rebels into DRC from around 2008 till 2010 during operation lightning thunder after it became eminent that the rebels were not interested in the famous JUBA PEACE TALKS in 2007.

He is hence known for his famous quote, “Patriotism drives me to serve my country. And truthfully he is the true definition of Patriotism. The greatest Gift one can give to one’s country is to love and serve one’s country.

Despite his immense achievements, General Kainerugaba as known by his peers is a relatable human whose humility surpasses many even as his popularity surges and soars and transcends through cultural and religious leaders, politicians, business and sports fraternities, and the youths in the corridors of social media.

As recently witnessed by media legends like Andrew Mwenda who was recently seen donning a White T-shirt bearing a photo of Gen Muhoozi fully dressed in his SFC uniform bearing two interesting words, “THE LEADER”. The same Mwenda on his social media fondly reminisced about the good old days and he expressed his desire to organize a conference between The general and pop star turned politician to discuss the 2026 election and how to move the country forward.

THE LEADER who proves time and again that Uganda’s peace is not to be compromised as he further proves that a great patriot is not a designed project but one who puts the sovereignty of his country first and believes in the freedom of the people.

The writer is the youth and good governance activist.
Twitter @jordan_posts


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