• Aug 25, 2021 . 2 min Read
  • Businesses tipped on going digital to drive market

Stephen Okiria the Country Manager of Addressya presenting a letter seeking endorsement for digital Services and approval as a partner of the Ministry of Trade. (Photo by Christine Kabazira)
Joseph Bahingwire
Journalist @New Vision

The restrictions in the movement of people due to the COVID-19 and its effects on the economy have required the business community to devise alternative means including adopting the use of the internet to reach out to their customers and keep their businesses running.

This according to Stephen Okiria, the country manager Addressya, a digital platform that enables businesses and individuals to create online addresses, has called for the adoption of online-based applications that can facilitate trade by easily connecting the buyers to the sellers.

“We have developed an online app called Addressya that enables people to share their addresses with friends, family, or businesses online to ease reach and save time and money but help business growth at a low cost.

He said it’s a digital platform for individuals and businesses to create precise, easy and accurate addresses that can effectively improve service delivery.

Okiria said Addressya offers the business solution to companies and organizations by integrating their app with the online shop or existing business to help customers easily access its location.

“With such app, businesses are more accessible through better visibility which avoids customers getting lost and spending time on directions, saving time in the process,” he added.

Okiria, however, noted that small businesses are keen and eager to be part of such digital transitions though the limitation of finances and general knowledge of execution hinders them.

“This is the main reason why we have sought partnerships from the Ministry of Trade and Industry among other stakeholders to bridge the gap by subsidizing the subscription fees.

That said, we are optimistic that this is the platform that will see SMEs grow faster than they already are,” he states.

He called for massive sensitisation of the public about embracing digital technology as the new normal, reduction of taxes on tech equipment and services and improve access to the internet and data countrywide.

His call was answered by the minister of ICT and National Guidance, Dr Chris Baryomunsi while speaking to the media at the Media Center in Kampala early this week. He said that the government is committed to ensuring that the internet is made accessible and affordable to every Ugandan to ease the cost of doing business.

He said the Cabinet had endorsed his ministry to spearhead ICT infrastructure development across the country so that Ugandans can use the internet in their day-to-day activities in every part of the country.

“We shall make internet accessible and affordable to all Ugandans so that one can do business and access education using the internet that is accessible and affordable irrespective of where they are. We want our children to be able to access education materials especially during this COVID-19 pandemic,” Baryomunsi noted.


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