Over 150 twins to be showcased in Sunday Vision
Publish Date: Aug 01, 2014
Over 150 twins to be showcased in Sunday Vision
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By Nigel M. Nassar
Did you know that about 27,000 twins are born in Uganda every year? So where are they? Did you also know that the Yoruba of West Africa have the highest rate of twinning in the world? You can decide to have twins and it happens, did you know that? 
So, what positions do you take when making love in order to bear twins? Or, is there a thing like a love-making position for twins, anyway? Perhaps it’s all in the time of day or night you make love? And what about the food?
Can you feed your way towards becoming a twin father or mother? What foods do you eat? Why do some ethnic groups bury their twins in a pot when they die? Why can’t one stop at twins as their last children? 
There are a million whats, whys, hows, myths and misconceptions about twins. Add that to the rituals surrounding them amongst some communities and you have countless nitty-gritties about a seemingly simple occurrence of nature. 
This Sunday, in a special celebration of twins, Sunday Vision will furnish you with answers to everything you have heard about twins. 
Whether you want to have them, avoid them or learn more about them, the answers will be in Sunday Vision, along with keep-sake stories of over 150 twins. 
From those who have dated the same guy to those who have claimed each other’s pay cheque, look out for the stories, some really humourous, others just flabbergasting. You will also get to tell between fact and fiction about them. 
Running concurrently with the special pullout will be a top-of-the-range luncheon and fun fete for more than 50 twins at the Commonwealth Resort, Munyonyo, dubbed the Kampala Twins Festival. 
Guests at the event will be twins who have over the last month shared stories and picture moments of their lives with Sunday Vision. However, those not invited can also attend, but will have to pay sh60,000 to take part. 
Co-sponsored by the Commonwealth Resort, Munyonyo, the festival, the first of its kind in Uganda, will be an annual event, with lots of fun activities including photo-shoots, quizzes, games, prizes and more. 
According to Sunday Vision editor Charles Wendo, the event, along with the special pullout, aim at celebrating twins as well as disseminating accurate information about them, including scientific, cultural, mythical, name it. 
Elsewhere, Twins Day, celebrated mostly in Twinsburg Ohio, brings together the largest annual gathering of twins and other multiples in the world, with participants from all over the Unites States of America. 
It is celebrated on the first full weekend of August. Sunday Vision and the Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo have hit the ground running with a first for Uganda, and perhaps Africa.  
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