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Fashion: What trended in 2013Publish Date: Dec 28, 2013
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By Stella Nassuna

It is that time of the year when we have to look back in time, and relive the highlights of the 2013 fashion in Uganda. We have to admit, each year Ugandans are getting more and more trend-savvycompared to years piled behind them.

Each year has its unique trending fashion, gadgets or just hairstyles that seem to be getting viral by the day. Here are some of the trends that eclipsed all the others in twenty-thirteen.


This year was a peplum year. A number of ladies wore them in dresses, and blouses. Ugandan designers too made it a point to include some peplums sown out in different fabrics from just African garments to exotic ones like jersey, silk, satin, organza and others.

Even though the peplums were originally designed for the slimmer ladies to help give them a hippy feeling, even the already hippy 'daughters of Eve' were seen fitting into these dresses or blouses and making public appearances around town especially at social events. In 2014, designs could come up with peplum skinny jeans or leggings. Just watch the space!

Asymmetrical dresses (high-low)

You know those dresses. The front side is knee length, yet the back flows to the ankle/ foot heel. They usually come in all colours, and commonly patterned with chiffon and jersey or other fabrics. Yes, these dresses have been trendy this year (or last year, if you are reading this in 2014). They have been worn by almost every young lady in town, and mostly at social events. Critics say they hope to see high-low blouses, T-shirts & skirts.

Styling braids

Before Beyonce’s mid-year photo of her wearing styled braids went viral on social media, braid styling was so udner the radar in Uganda. Those who styled their braids were few and probably looked at as ones who were trying a little too hard.

Fewer ladies were also interested in braiding lopes of threes or twos because they felt they spent long hours in the saloon compared to weav-ons or pencil locks. The lope braids were also known to breaking front hair.  In 2013, all the bad side of loped braids was braved by many ladies. 

Smart phones/tablets/Ipads

2013 has been a Smart phone era. Everyone has been trying to make a social statement at least by sliding their hands on the screen of a smart phone, Ipad or tablet, thanks to frequently asked questions (FAQs) like "Do you have WhatsApp?", "What's your Twitter handle" etc etc.

Even phone dealers, both in upscale and downtown markets, are moving away from the ordinary phones to stocking more of the smarter technologies. It's where the world has headed to, and there's certainly more coming ahead.

And the hype was mainly with the size and the brand. Probably in 2014, buyers will opt for more than just the size or brand.

Flat shoes (closed)/stilettos

Flat shoes have been 2013’s day-wear shoes for the ladies. Many ladies have been spotted wearing flat closed shoes over almost anything -- dresses, skirts, skinny pants, jeans and just wide leg trousers.  Then when darkness falls, bumps or stilettos take over.

Colour & slim fit trousers

Wearing colour has been trendy in this eventful year, and more so on the side of the gents. Males in Uganda have been able to jump onto this new trend of bold colours.  Pink, green, blue, maroon, yellow. Every colour! Gents have been spotted wearing coloured trousers from just material trousers, to jean trousers, which trousers have commonly been slim fitting.


Ladies went viral at wearing the legging. They have worn them from the start of the year to the very end of it. The latest though has been the animal print leggings.


It’s been trendy for one to fold their trousers especially skinny jeans, or any fitting trousers for both sexes. Shirts that can fold in at the arms and fastened with the help of a piece of cloth and bottom have also trended in 2013.

I can't wait to see what 2014 has in stock for us!

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