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Why Ugandans need to sit and dialogue

Ugandans (not Museveni and Besigye) should sit to dialogue on peace and security in Uganda and the great Lakes Region.

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Theresa May rolls the electoral dice

Notwithstanding the unpredictability of British politics nowadays, May’s Conservative Party is expected to win the election handily.

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The ‘New’ Trump’s lopsided foreign policy...

Having awoken to global realities, the administration is now adjusting its policies, sometimes so abruptly that one might reasonably worry that diplomacy...

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A run for trees, Mukono man hurled in an...

Recently, President Museveni tweeted: ‘‘Wetlands other local water resources contributes 40% of our rainfall yet people are invading them. This partly...

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Mediocrity aids corruption

Citizens' approach to life's routines provides ready and crucial clues about a country's overall inclination towards corruption.

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Has Libya become the new Gore’e slave trade...

It is scandalous and inhuman treatment that exhumes Africa’s distant and painful memories arising from the past that was believed to be gone.

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The French Election

The four main candidates are all predicted to win between 19 and 22 percent of the votes this Sunday, a spread that is no greater than the polls’ margin...

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The low cost of ending poverty

Global skepticism about free trade on the part of US President Donald Trump and others means that we are missing out on an incredibly important opportunity...

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The scramble for basic needs in an African...

In a humanitarian crisis, good health comes when every basic need is in place

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Is Uganda-China debt relationship sustainable?...

These loans are to be repaid in a short period of averagely 10 years yet they are invested in long term projects


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Court orders former DPC to pay...

Court also ordered him to pay the compensation within 30 days or serve one year in jail. He was charged with assault resulting in bodily harm