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Why Ecumenism can only achieve its objective...

Recently Pope Francis went to Sweden for these celebrations in which he and LWF signed a communiqué entitled, “From conflict to Communion

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So much for the populist wave

In the United States the preferred word is “patriot”, but it usually just means “nationalist”, with flags flaunted and slogans chanted. “America First”...

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Will Uganda harness her public debt dividends?...

The Auditor General validates this position in his report (December, 2016) for FY 2015/16 which indicated sh18 trillion remaining undisbursed attracting...

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Why NRM diaspora is pushing for elections...

Over the last 10 years, many Ugandans with ideas have been frustrated because we have no strong leadership

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Street preachers: Nuisance or blessing?

All people living in Kampala and visitors to Kampala cannot miss street preachers

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Why outrage against burning of Bible was...

The bible is the constitution of the kingdom of Christ and the Christian faith

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Shortage of recreation facilities killing...

Some students would slash the bushy compound; others would clean dormitories, classrooms or clean lavatories and showrooms.

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Why more still needs to be done for female...

A large number, especially those based outside of Gulu, were provided with little or no support upon their return from the bush.

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Trump’s quixotic energy policy

Trump is proposing to eliminate federal funding for scientific research on climate change.

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Why burning bibles does not make Pastor Bugingo...

I will add up my opinion to what I learnt from him to clearly bring out my message.


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Court orders former DPC to pay...

Court also ordered him to pay the compensation within 30 days or serve one year in jail. He was charged with assault resulting in bodily harm