Life Style

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Wall paper, the new trend in home decor

A roll of wallpaper costs between sh50,000 and sh200,000 depending on where it is bought from.

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National Housing Policy simplified

“The housing policy is not all about helping people in slums to have a roof on their heads, but to generate many things such as economic growth.”

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'Toto Festival to return even better'

"We promise to always ensure quality for our children."

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How can I turn him down?

When I confronted him, he arrogantly denied. He even stopped talking to me and refused to have sex with me.

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You need a technical team before building...

Part of the architect's deliverables is to have the project delivered within the clients' means.

How to maintain wooden furniture

"Wooden garden furniture should be periodically treated because it's exposed to all sorts of elements."

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Positive behaviour boosts human health, says...

This wise council was given by the Chaplain of Mount St Mary's College, Namagunga, Fr Gyaviira Kimuli, during the school's platinum jubilee medical camp...

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My husband forbid me to use family planning...

In my third year, I asked him to introduce me to his parents and him to mine, which he accepted but the sex never happened.

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Keep indoor plants fresh, clean

However, it gets to a crushing sight, when flowers meant to add freshness, beauty and life to a home, appear droopy and unattractive.

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How to deal with cold water/weather allergies...

Dr. Murangira says the most important step in treating allergies is to identify what triggers them


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BOU warns public against ponzi,...

In the statement, BOU defines Ponzi schemes as fraudulent investing scams promising high rates of return with little risk to investors.