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The World Bank

Executive Assistant at The World Bank

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Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI)

Jobs at Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI)

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Use your job to improve society

Before you take up any job, consider how it is going to help you contribute to the development of your society

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Ernst & Young

Information Technology Specialist at Ernst & Young

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World Vision

Jobs at World Vision

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Mildmay Uganda

Jobs at Mildmay Uganda

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BRAC, one of the largest Non-Governmental Development Organizati on in the world, working in a number of countries in Africa and Asia on poverty alleviati...

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Katalemwa Cheshire Home (KCH)

Program Manager at Katalemwa Cheshire Home (KCH)

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Entebbe Handling Services

Mechanic and Electrician jobs

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VisionFund Uganda (VFU)

Internal Audit Manager at VisionFund Uganda (VFU)


Honouring the mothers in our society...

Urbanites give words of affection to their mothers