Gov't re-echoes commitment to quality education...

Nankabirwa says government will not tolerate sub-standard education.

MasterCard ends scholarship program in Uganda...

The eight year program, targeted 5,000 talented students to complete secondary school and transition into higher education

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2016 UACE results out, performance improves...

This time round, the results show that female candidates performed generally better than their male counterparts.

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40 schools to take part in 2017 national...

The competition aims at taking children out of the classroom setting and putting their critical thinking faculties to the test.

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Uganda misses out on continental technology...

This year, students were asked to create a new age satellite to solve Africa’s future problems.

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Veteran teacher Nakabugo laid to rest

Agnes Grace Nakabugo succumbed to pneumonia aged 54.

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How much power should school prefects wield?...

A security guard in one of the schools in Wakiso recalls the night a prefect slapped a fellow student until he bled.

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Makerere postpones exams to honour Luwum...

Luwum, who had served as archbishop from 1974 to1977, died aged 55.

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Sempijja lauds Makerere on creativity

there is a need to promote hands on agro processing if industrialization is to be boosted in the country

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Makerere adjusts graduation program 

The new program will kick-off on February 21st with four colleges graduating


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Donald Trump sworn in as 45th president...

The 70-year-old Republican billionaire placed his left hand on a bible used by Abraham Lincoln and recited the 35-word oath.