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10 years of the Equity and Merit scholarship...

The celebration was attended by the university’s alumni who went through the scholarship program to study Master’s programs for one year.

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Mbarara University searches for new chancellor...

Appointed for a four-year period, the chancellor can only be eligible for re-appointment for one more term.

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Makerere VC race: Kirumira to give colleges...

Prof. Kirumira says, at the helm, he will delegate more powers to the Colleges so that most business of the university is offered at that level.

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In this week's Mwalimu

The Ugandan education system today should prioritise four broad concepts.

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Makerere VC race: Barya's bid to return to...

On his To-Do List, Baryamureeba plans to increase funding for research and innovations from both government and development partners.

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MUST begins search for Chancellor

Che Chancellor is a titular head and presides over university ceremonies

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How Ugandan universities can improve their...

In order for Uganda’s universities to increase their research outputs, the government should champion an incentive policy.

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Onduparaka school closed over Uganda Cup...

Fans hit the stadium as early as 9am local time and blasted music all the way to the ground ahead of the final.

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Makerere VC candidates set for public presentation...

Each candidate will be offered 40 minutes to present and answer questions from the public.

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University lecturers get pay raise with sh19b...

The pay raise is one of measure undertaken by government to address numerous challenges faced by the sector, which gets one of the biggest budgets.


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Government, UN agencies condemn...

Mondo gave them the toll free number 116, so that all survivors or victims of rape are able to report the cases to police or any other authority.