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Cabbage, French beans prices still low

Depending on the size, a small cabbage costs sh300

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Prices of dry beans rise to an all-time high...

The rise of the prices of beans has been caused by the low supply of beans

Dairy development in northern Uganda

“We are aiming at transforming the lives of 300 small holder farmers through pilot-testing a dairy micro-leasing model in Omoro and Gulu district by 2018,”...

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Pumpkin supply drops as watermelon prices...

A pumpkin that was at sh2,000 is now at sh3500.

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Matooke, Irish potato prices remain high...

A small bunch is at sh30,000 while sh1,000 will get you a paltry four or five fingers.

Passionfruit 318x200

Passion fruit supply up, orange prices down...

Part with sh200,000 for a sack of 'Kawanda' passion fruits.

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Grain processors sign code of conduct to...

The self-regulatory code of conduct prescribes activities that ware house operators need to undertake while handling maize during storage

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Funding: UK MPs to lobby for Ugandan farmers...

The MPs were led by Lord Cameron of Dillington-Ewen James Hanning and four other dignitaries.

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Turmeric, the 'golden spice of life'

"Among all crops, turmeric is the least affected by pests and infestations."

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Netherlands partners with Uganda to boost...

The integrated Seed Sector Development Plus(ISSD Plus) project and the resilient Efficient Agribusiness Chains(REACH Uganda) project under the international...


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SIM card verification deadline...

The overall objective of this exercise is purely to provide national security safeguards.