Orangetree 318x200

What a single orange tree can do for you...

Most orange varieties start producing fruits after 18 months of planting.

Jackfruit 318x200

You'll continue to part with more for your...

Jackruit is said to have anti-aging properties.

Kiwifruit 318x200

Kiwifruit: It may be small but . . .

Originally from China, the fruit is imported into Uganda.

Pomegranate 318x200

'Nkoma mawanga': Pomegranate good for dental...

"Pomegranate juice lowers the number of oral bacteria that forms plaque”.

Celtuce 318x200

Celtuce, the leafy survivalist

The vegetable can be consumed roasted, grilled or pickled.

Beans 318x200

Relief for buyers as bean prices drop

The prices have dropped because it is harvesting time.

Agricultureministervanill 318x200

Ministry to register vanilla growers and...

“If someone steals your vanilla when they’re not registered, they’ll have nowhere to sell it."

Tomato 318x200

The tomato plant fits every garden

Tomatoes can be grown in the smallest of spaces.

Avocado 318x200

Avocado, a healthy fat fruit

The drupe is a low-calorie fruit.

Bittermelon 318x200

Weighed down by a hangover? Try bitter melon...

“Calcium and magnesium that is contained in bitter melon can help prevent and relieve headaches."


Ugandapresummitonrefugees2 318x200

Government, UN agencies condemn...

Mondo gave them the toll free number 116, so that all survivors or victims of rape are able to report the cases to police or any other authority.