Cabbage 318x200

Vegetables the new money market for Nakaseke,...

“Vegetables can fetch a lot of money, if a farmer looks after them properly."

Irrigation 318x200

With simple irrigation, you can grow crops...

“I harvested over 1,000kg of upland rice last year."

Beans 318x200

Lack of data affects trading of beans

“As seed producers and traders, we need that information so we can know how much seed should be produced..."

Cassava 318x200

Govt to focus on food crops for the regional...

Selected food items include Maize, Rice, Beans, and Cassava which are mainly consumed in the region. The ministry also plans to include bananas, added...

Fishing 318x200

Can offshore fish farming feed a hungry world?...

Coastal and inland aquaculture already accounts for more than half of the fish consumed around the world.

Gardening 318x200

Backyard gardening is worth a try

Like any type of farming, a lot can be grown in a backyard garden.

Pineapple 318x200

Supply of pineapples expected to increase...

“We expect full supply from almost all producing areas in Uganda."

Eggs 318x200

Farmers cry 'fowl' as eggs poisoned by insecticide...

The insecticide is commonly used in veterinary products to get rid of fleas, lice and ticks.

Solarenergy 318x200

Using solar energy to irrigate your farm...

Solar energy powered water pumps are coming onto the market.

Honey 318x200

Markets for bee products yet to be satisfied...

But the local and international markets for bee products, especially honey, are still far from being satisfied.


Karamajong 318x200

Gov’t gets elders, local leaders...

In fact, anyone in Karamoja who attempted to let their children join education was banished by Karimojong elders and declared an enemy of society.