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Deal with KCCA issues professionally

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Kampala city divisions should be made self accounting bodies if the City is to rapidly transform.

Deal with KCCA issues professionally

Kampala city divisions should be made self accounting bodies if the City is to rapidly transform.


Uganda's Media since October 2018 was filled with the untimely end of service of Kampala's City star manager Dr. Jennifer Musisi.

The reasons for her impromptu termination of service rotated very much on financial and managerial institutional issues of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA).

On Friday, October 14th, 2018 the outgoing Executive Director handed over office officially to Kampala's Minister Hon. Beti Kamya. We dearly appreciate her spirited service to humanity  and the people of Uganda.

Kampala City technical management needs a visionary leader with adequate skills and knowledge in public sector management science and sustainable local government management.

The former Executive Director was adequate in management knowledge and skills but very wanting in tactic that could deliver effective city services without faults, conflicts and sabotage from the major stakeholders.

The Doctrine of citizens' participation generally lacked in the planning and development of the City during the former's reign of power that could see Kampala holistically transformed with all its stakeholders collectively on board.

The issue of centralizing administrative power and authority at City Hall was not necessary since it jeopardized effective service delivery in all the City Divisions.

The new centralized style of leadership cropped a number of management challenges in the city divisions that included, unnecessary policy drifts in a bid to align with the central issues, unfunded local priorities, failed effective participation by the divisional leaderships due to eroded power and authority, and above all failed ownership of the City projects by the local citizenry due to lack of collective participation and involvement.

Kampala city divisions should be made self accounting bodies if the City is to rapidly transform.

Meaning that Divisions should be made able to plan, fundraise and execute their plans without any resource failures, constraints, delays and interruptions from the main City Authority.

Each City Division has a unique set of challenges that requires it to handle and so such sovereignty should always be granted and adequately funded by the central government via KCCA main.

In other words, KCCA should majorly play an oversight role and the City Divisions should be granted full authority and power to play an operational role, if Kampala City is to quickly and rapidly transform to the generally acceptable global standards.

The City administrative authority should be rediscovered and made clear.

The Lord Mayor should be the overall head of the political and administrative authority.

The Executive Director should be the overall in charge of the technical and operational supervisory authority reporting to the Lord Mayor.

The Divisional Mayors should be the overall in charge of operations and administration in their respective Divisions reporting entirely to the Lord Mayor via the Executive Director.

The Minister of Kampala City if necessary should be the monitoring and evaluation arm of government playing a service audit role to KCCA on behalf of the central government. 

KCCA in brief should be made autonomous, properly upheld and protected in the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda because of its strategic nature and importance to the State and people of Uganda, as the Country's main and only Capital City Administrator and Regulator.

KCCA therefore, should be made to report directly to the Parliament of Uganda like other very important national government bodies.

It is therefore, automatically feasible to understand, review or repeal all the bad laws governing Kampala City at present, and to come up with a good law and policy that will transform the City to even greater heights during this season as the new leadership jets in to take office.

Attempts to decongest Kampala City should also be made possible by creating satellite cities around the main City, merging some Municipalities surrounding Kampala to create a new City, and creating regional cities in every region of Uganda gradually to spread the City economy across of the Country. 

A new and vibrant people centered City development plan should be crafted addressing pertinent issues of effective physical planning, housing and City beautification, sustainable environment management and development, effective traffic management, security, trade order and people management, complete un dusting of Kampala City and above all,  adequate water supplies, sanitation, disease prevention and treatment among other key strategic interventions.

We hereby welcome Kampala's brand new Executive Director Eng. Andrew Kitaka Mubiru to take on the mantle! Together, let's develop an inspirational City of Uganda professionally.



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