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Parliament staff donate to mother of premature...

When Aduba turned 17 years, she left Kayunga for Malaba in pursuit of a job in order to improve her life. However, her fate changed drastically after she...

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People stop our parents to bless them

At home, anyone responds to each other’s’ name positively and does the work assigned with ease, but at school, the situation is different despite being...

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Our relationship is beyond siblings

“Even if I get a boyfriend, my twin sister must know all that he does with me all the time and I get to know about her too,” Sarah says.

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Kato is ever in trouble because of Waswa...

According to Kato, he is ever in trouble because of Wasswa. Whenever Wasswa does something wrong, the teachers end up punishing Kato.

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Twins re-ignited our joy in the family

Babirye says there is a boy who sits between them, although she loves sitting with her brother which is done is some subjects.

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Emotions as twins switched at birth reunite...

On Saturday, DNA results from the Lancet laboratories in Nairobi showed that the Kakamega girls are identical twins.

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Zimbabwe twins are here for Kampala Twins...

The festival will see twins participate in numerous fun-packed activities on Sunday at Mandela Stadium, Namboole.

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Twins that became religious leaders

Fr. Joseph Mary Kato and Sister Maria Josephine Babirye refer to themselves as their family's tithe ('Ekimu eky'ekumi').

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The selfless 11-month-old twin

Born nine minutes apart in September last year, the twins were born by Caesarean section.

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We look so alike, we confuse teachers

Their mother Nalongo Ssenyonjo says she cannot tell the boys apart


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Exercising indoors: President Museveni...

President Museveni stopped Ugandans from exercising in public to stem the spread of the coronavirus. He said he would show them how to instead do it indoors - and true to his word, he has released pictures and footage doing so.