Ziza Bafana

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Ziza Bafana rebrands self

Ziza Bafana is introducing a new music style called the JONGO.

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Did Bafana fake his beating?

There were voice recordings circulating on WhatsApp that the singer was beaten badly, by unknown iron bar hit men around Kibuye, on Entebbe highway and...

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Bebe Cool can’t handle me - Ziza Bafana

There are more constructive wars than problematic wars. Ziza Bafana is currently taking on Bebe Cool, musically.

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Ziza Bafana to shoot video in barracks

Finally he has come out to reveal that the video will be shot at the Jinja Military barracks.

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Ziza Bafana and Goodlyfe in new hit song...

He makes hit after hit and he is not stopping anytime soon.


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Uganda's top ten female athletes...

There has been a steady rise in female representation in Ugandan sport. Let's go down memory lane to check out the female crème de crème of Uganda’s athletics.