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Zimbabwe Polls

Mnangagwa calls for unity as opposition cries...

His plea for unity came after allegations of foul play sparked a deadly crackdown on protesters in Harare

Mnangagwa and Chamisa hold talks

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa said Thursday he has been talking to opposition leader Nelson Chamisa.

Zimbabwe opposition protests outcome of polls...

The parliamentary results strengthened the chances of President Emmerson Mnangagwa holding power

ZANU-PF wins most seats in Zimbabwe parliament...

MDC did not immediately respond to the parliamentary results

Tense count as Zimbabwe opposition claims...

Senior MDC veteran Tendai Biti had earlier said the party would release its own results if the vote did not go in favour of Chamisa.

Tense count as Zimbabwe opposition claim...

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, 75, has also said he was confident of victory

Zimbabwe's Chamisa smells victory

Nelson Chamisa, 40, and 75-year-old President Emmerson Mnangagwa were the main contenders in Monday’s election, the first since long-ruling Robert Mugabe...

Zimbabwe's Mugabe hopes his former party...

'I hope the choice or the voting which will be done tomorrow will thrust away the military form of government and bring us back to constitutionality'

Mugabe to hold press conference on eve of...

Zimbabwe goes to the polls on Monday in its first election since Mugabe was forced to resign last November after 37 years in power.


Kawempe neonatal ICU gets new equipment

Kawempe neonatal ICU gets new equipment

The health minister, Dr Ruth Aceng, urged health workers to use the new facilities to save the newborns.