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Zimbabwe court to rule on bid to annul election...

The Constitutional Court in Harare said it would hand down its verdict at 2:00pm.

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ZANU PF wins Mugabe loses

The victory of Zimbabwe’s Emmerson Mnangagwa could have dampened former president Robert Mugabe’s spirits

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Impeachment motion looms against Mugabe

Chiwenga called for calm after Zimbabweans had celebrated Saturday at anti-Mugabe marches that would have been brutally repressed just a week ago.

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Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe turns...

Last year's party was a massive feast with several elephants slaughtered and seven gigantic birthday cakes, one weighing 91 kilogrammes


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US coronavirus deaths exceed 100,000...

Europe meanwhile has slowly started reopening businesses as outbreaks on the continent slow, but Italy and Spain lack the firepower of richer European nations to rebuild their economies.